An Embarrassing Night For Reid

RNC Communications - June 11, 2014

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Despite all the glowing stories about Senator Harry Reid’s ability to deliver in the Silver State, last night was a rough night for him as “none of the above” won the Democrat gubernatorial nomination.  If you’re reporting on this news below is a statement from the RNC:

“In an embarrassing blow for Harry Reid, Democrat primary voters in the Silver State selected “none of the above” as their gubernatorial nominee.  Reid’s inability to deliver a credible candidate shows he’s losing his step in Nevada.”  Jahan Wilcox, RNC Spokesman      


Nevada Democrats Chose 'None of These Candidates' in Primary:  “Elections have historically been defined by their winners and losers - but on Tuesday a primary in Nevada returned a disheartening result for all the candidates: nobody won. Voters in the state's Democratic primary for governor were so unimpressed by the eight men on offer that the most popular option on the ballot paper was "none of these candidates," which received 30 percent of the vote, according to figures from The Associated Press.”  (Alexander Smith, Nevada Democrats Chose 'None of These Candidates' in Primary, NBC News, 06/11/14)

Nevada Democrats Select ‘None Of These Candidates’ In Gubernatorial Primary:  “Many Nevada Democrats turned up their noses Tuesday at the eight candidates battling for the right to face Gov. Brian Sandoval in November, with the "none of these candidates" option receiving the most votes.  With 80 percent of precincts reporting early Wednesday, the "none of these candidates option" had received over 20,000 votes (30 percent), putting it over 3,600 votes ahead of the man who will face Sandoval in November, former State Economic Development commissioner Robert Goodman. Goodman received 25 percent of the vote.  Nevada allows its voters to select "none of these" candidates in elections for President and statewide offices. The last time the option received the most votes was in 1976, when Republicans preferred it to both candidates running in a primary for the House of Representatives.”  (Nevada Democrats Select ‘None Of These Candidates’ In Gubernatorial Primary, Fox News, 06/11/14)

In Nevada, Nobody Wins:  Nevada Democratic leaders acknowledged earlier this year that they had failed to recruit a credible candidate to face GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval in the fall. And on Tuesday, Silver State Democratic primary voters agreed, casting more votes for the state’s quirky “none of these candidates” option than any one of the eight actual humans on the ballot. “None of these candidates” earned 30 percent of the vote when The Associated Press called the race, outpacing the leading actual candidate, Robert Goodman, a retired state Economic Development commissioner from Las Vegas who’s run statewide twice before and shares a last name with the Vegas mayoral dynasty, at 25 percent.  (Steve Shepard, In Nevada, Nobody Wins, Politico, 06/11/14) 

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