Another Flip Flop From Tricky Terry

- August 2, 2013


Yesterday, The Washington Post Reported That Terry McAuliffe Has Been Soliciting Campaign Contributions From The Payday Loan Industry. "McAuliffe had a fund-raiser this week at the Alexandria home of Charles Halloran, in-house lobbyist for the Community Financial Services Association of America, the payday loan trade association. In March, McAuliffe received a combined $15,000 in donations from William M. Webster IV and Lindsay Webster. William Webster is co-founder of payday lending giant Advance America." (Laura Vozzella, "McAuliffe Accepts Payday Lenders' Support," The Washington Post , 9/1/13)

McAuliffe's Acceptance Of Contributions Tied To Payday Lending Is A Significant Departure From His Hard Stance Against The Industry In 2009. "Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who took a hard line against payday lenders in his bid for governor four years ago, has accepted their support this time around." (Laura Vozzella, "McAuliffe Accepts Payday Lenders' Support," The Washington Post , 9/1/13)

McAuliffe Campaigned Against Payday Loans In 2009, And Promised To Ban Them If Elected

In 2009, McAuliffe's Campaign Website Promised "A Total Ban" On Payday Loans And Predatory Lending. "As Governor, Terry will establish a total ban on payday lending that siphons off the hard-earned wages of too many working Virginians. The efforts in the 2008 and 2009 sessions by the General Assembly are steps in the right direction, and as Governor, Terry will continue this progress by banning all types of predatory lending, like open-end loans and car-title loans." ( Friends Of Terry McAuliffe, Accessed 2/25/13)

During A 2009 Debate, McAuliffe Called For A "Shutdown Of All Payday Lending Stores," Labeling Them A "Disgrace" That "Prey Upon The Financially Weakest." MCAULIFFE: "I've called for a total shutdown of all payday lending stores here in Virginia. They are a disgrace. They prey upon the financially weakest." (Terry McAuliffe, Remarks At A Democratic Primary Debate, Annandale, VA, 5/19/09)

  • In 2009, McAuliffe Shouted At A Payday Loan Office While Driving By In A Car: "Shut It Down!" "A 2009 Washington Post feature on McAuliffe described him hollering at a payday lending office as he drove by. 'Shut it down!' he yelled out the open window of his hybrid Chevy Tahoe one Saturday afternoon as it rolled past a payday loan office. 'Nothing gets me more excited,' he said afterward. 'Chicken waste and payday loans, I get excited.'" (Laura Vozzella, "McAuliffe Accepts Payday Lenders' Support," The Washington Post , 9/1/13)

McAuliffe's Campaign Aired A Campaign Ad Decrying "Legislation Passed In Richmond In 2002 Allowed Predatory Payday Lenders To Do Business In Virginia." "Female announcer: 'Every day, Virginia families struggle to make ends meet and sometimes they need a small loan to get by. But some loans come at too high a price because legislation passed in Richmond in 2002 allowed predatory payday lenders to do business in Virginia. The legislature even allowed lenders to make loans with annual percentage rates as high as 391 percent. In these tough economic times, the legislature is finally working towards fixing this problem. But why has it taken so long to stop these lenders from preying on Virginia's most vulnerable families? For Terry McAuliffe, the solution is simple. He is the only candidate for governor who proposed doing the right thing -- ban all predatory lending in Virginia.'" ("Dissecting Democrats Negative Radio Ads," NBC29 [Charlottesville, VA], 5/18/09)

McAuliffe Even Boasted He Did Not Accept Contributions From Payday Lenders

During His 2009 Campaign, McAuliffe Said He Did Not Accept Payday Lender Contributions. "On other issues key to Virginia voters: Mr. McAuliffe has said he opposes the gay marriage amendment but that it is unrealistic to think the state would repeal it. He would allow offshore drilling under stringent circumstances and is open to coal-burning power plants. He says he's obsessed with converting chicken waste into energy. He also loves to talk about shutting down all payday lenders. He said that he hasn't taken campaign donations from payday lenders or any company that accepted Troubled Asset Relief Program funds." (Sarah Abruzzese, "Money Can't Buy McAuliffe An Easy Race," The Washington Times, 6/3/09)

McAuliffe Attacked Primary Opponent Creigh Deeds For Accepting "Thousands Of Dollars" From The Payday Loan Industry. " In response to the release of Creigh Deeds's negative attack ad yesterday, McAuliffe campaign spokeswoman Elisabeth Smith released the following statement: 'It's strange that Creigh Deeds is attacking Terry on this issue. The fact is that as members of the General Assembly all three of Terry's opponents allowed predatory lending to explode in Virginia and took thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the industry. It's an honest difference between the candidates. Terry wants to ban all predatory loans, and he's the only candidate who has pledged not to accept money from predatory lenders.'" ("Mcauliffe Campaign Responds To Deeds' 'Negative Attack Ad'," Blue Virginia, 5/15/09)


McAuliffe Used To Claim He Never Wanted "Another Coal Plant Built" - Now He Calls It A "Vital Industry"

THEN: In 2009, McAuliffe Said "We Have Got To Move Past Coal. As Governor, I Never Want Another Coal Plant Built." (Terry McAuliffe, Democratic Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Debate, Blacksburg, VA, 4/29/09)

NOW: While Campaigning This Year In Coal Country, McAuliffe Said "We Have A Healthy Work Force Of Coal ...We Need To Make Sure We Do What We Need To, To Make Sure This Vital Industry Here In Virginia Continues To Grow." "'I was over at Alpha Natural Resources talking about what they need done to make sure we have a healthy work force of coal, that coal can continue,' McAuliffe told reporters. 'We need to make sure we do what we need to, to make sure this vital industry here in Virginia continues to grow...'" (David McGee, "McAuliffe Talks Coal At Bristol Campaign Event, Bristol Herald Courier, 5/8/13)

Politifact Rated McAuliffe's Reversal A "Full-Flop." "But McAuliffe's words in Bristol ring loudly. We rate his new position on coal a Full Flop." ("McAuliffe Blows Hot And Cold On Coal," Politifact, 5/8/13)

The Coal Industry Directly And Indirectly Supports 45,210 Jobs In Virginia. (Coal In Virginia, National Mining Association)

Coal Jobs Contributed $3.4 Billion In Wages To Virginia Workers In 2011. (Coal In Virginia, National Mining Association)

  • Annual Average Wage In The Coal Industry In Southwest Virginia Is More Than Twice The Average For All Industries. "[T]he coal industry paid an annual average wage of $84,978 in the region compared to the $34,757 for all industries in 2010 (the latest full year of data). Consequently, the coal industry directly accounted for 12.8% of total wages and salaries in Southwest Virginia." ("The Economic Impact Of The Coal Industry In Virginia," Chmura Economics & Analytics, 1/18/12)

Coal Contributed $2.5 Billion To Virginia's Economy In 2011. ("U.S. Coal Exports: National and State Economic Contributions," Ernst & Young, 5/13, Table 6)

McAuliffe Used To Oppose Oil Drilling Off Virginia's Coast - Now He Claims He's For Off-Shore Drilling

THEN: In 2009, McAuliffe Said, Unequivocally "I Do Not Support Drilling For Oil Off Our Coast." (Race to Richmond: Terry McAuliffe, Washington Post, 5/20/09)

  • In 2011, McAuliffe Still Opposed Offshore Oil Drilling And Sneered That "It Will Not Create One Job." "Oil drilling. You can talk about it. We don't make a penny on it here in Virginia. It will not create one job,' [McAuliffe] said during a June 2011 episode of Reston Impact, a Northern Virginia cable television program. 'There's no new technologies in oil drilling, unlike wind farms ...'" (Julian Walker, McAuliffe Once Dismissed Offshore Technology He Now Touts, Virginian Pilot, 06/04/13)

NOW: McAuliffe, In May 2013: "I'm For Responsible Off-Shore Drilling." (Jim Nolan, "Bolling exit clarifies race for governor," Richmond Times-Dispatch , 5/17/13)

Politifact Rated McAuliffe's Reversal A "Full-Flop." "McAuliffe has clearly shifted on offshore oil drilling. We rate it a Full Flop." ("Mcauliffe Flip-Flops On Offshore Oil Drilling," Politifact, accessed 6/6/13)

Offshore Drilling Would Generate $19.5 Billion In Government Revenues And 1,900 Jobs For Virginians. "If the sale is allowed to proceed as planned, the commonwealth can be the first state along the Atlantic coast granted access to its offshore energy resources. Offshore development would generate nearly $19.5 billion in revenues to federal, state, and local governments, according to a study by ICF International. If development is permitted by the federal government in the previously off-limits and studied areas of the Outer Continental Shelf, employment supported by the oil and natural gas industry in Virginia, already 143,000 jobs, would grow by another 1,900, a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study found." (Charles Stenholm, "Chance To Be No. 1 - Again," Richmond Times Dispatch, 12/9/09)

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