Are You In? We're Recruiting Asian Pacific American Grassroots Leaders

Jason Chung - August 21, 2015

Over the next two years, Asian Pacific Americans can have a significant role in the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Six years of broken promises and failed leadership continue to plague our growing and diverse Asian and Pacific Islander communities. It is time to step up and have our voices heard, and elect a Republican who will create jobs, champion small businesses, provide educational opportunities for our children, and restore the American Dream.

Now is the time for Asian Pacific Americans to get involved and make a lasting impact on our great nation. We are building a grassroots army of volunteers, supporters, and staff dedicated to ensuring no voters are forgotten and inspiring participation among all APA communities.

The RNC recently launched the Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI), a series of extensive training workshops to equip Asian Pacific American grassroots community leaders across the country with the skills needed to work as professional field organizers and community engagers.

We are looking to recruit Asian Pacific Americans of all ages, in every state and every community, to apply for our six-week Fellowship program.

Applications to join the program can be found HERE

RLI participants will come out of this program trained, battle-tested, and ready for the 2016 campaign. They will play a crucial role in our path to victory. 

Still have questions? Take a look at some FAQs to help you decide if RLI is the right fit for you: 


If you are someone who has always wanted to take a more active role in our electoral process, become a leader in our Party, and make a difference for the future of our country, then RLI is the right program for you. 


Experience in the program is available for various time commitments. Full-time fellows (30 or more hours a week) will focus on key aspects of organizing community events, such as house meetings, one-on-ones, and neighborhood team trainings. Part-time associates (15 or more hours) will lead voter contact efforts. 


RLI provides individuals with the opportunity to get more involved in the political process, become leaders in their communities, and help effect positive change for our country. This experience will empower individuals to do great work in the future, whether they remain in politics or pursue another field. 

RLI participants will learn organizational and voter contact skills. Fellows and Associates are arranged into teams to work collectively to meet organizing goals. Each team will have a Lead Fellow, and every team member will have a unique role. 


Follow the link HERE to submit your application.


Yes! Simply share this link with your friends or family to encourage them to apply. 

Winning campaigns is about building lasting relationships with voters, and we cannot do that without quality leaders and activists in the field. This is your opportunity to get involved and effect positive change in your community and country. 

I look forward to reviewing your application and seeing you at a future RLI training!


Jason Chung
RNC National Director of APA Engagement

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