Chairman Priebus: "Debate Builds GOP Enthusiasm, Ground Game"

Reince Priebus - October 9, 2012

Excerpts from POLITICO

By: Chairman Reince Priebus

October 9, 2012

“After Wednesday’s presidential debate, most Americans agreed that Gov. Mitt Romney emerged victorious, thanks to the strength of his argument and the clarity of his vision and plan. Gov. Romney’s victory has produced movement in the polls. A Pew Research Center survey released Monday shows Gov. Romney in the lead 49-45, a significant change from last month when Pew showed the president ahead 51-43. Other polls show a similar trend, but in the past few days, the post-debate Republican momentum has been especially obvious on the ground.

“Supporters of the Romney-Ryan ticket are more enthusiastic than ever and are putting that enthusiasm to work. Since the debate, our Victory Centers across the battleground states have reported a 63 percent increase in activity. Our offices have been flooded by newcomers looking for information on how to help in these final, critical days…

“In Ohio alone, 1,500 new volunteers signed up in the 24 hours following the debate. Our Orlando office has reported overflow crowds since Wednesday, helping the state of Florida make 1 million voters contacts in a single week -- a first during this campaign.

“Nationwide, volunteers made 5 million voter contacts last week. Half of those were made on a single day during our Super Saturday volunteer mobilization effort, in which 30,000 volunteers participated.

“All told, we have made 35 million volunteer voter contacts since the spring. Nearly 98,000 volunteers have made calls and knocked on doors…

“With voting under way in more than 30 states, our operation is already paying dividends. In North Carolina, 52 percent of the voters who have requested absentee ballots are registered Republicans. Only 27 percent are Democrats. In Florida, Colorado and Nevada, more Republicans than Democrats have requested absentee ballots…

“After the debate, we’re exceeding our goals faster than expected, buoyed by a sense of excitement and urgency among grass-roots Republicans and first-time supporters. Gov. Romney has marshaled enthusiasm, and that enthusiasm makes us even more competitive than before…”

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