Chairman Priebus: “When Do Americans Get Answers?”

Reince Priebus - June 3, 2013

Excerpts from Real Clear Politics

By: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
June 1, 2013

“Where does the buck stop in the Obama administration? Will anyone take responsibility for the IRS scandal? When will we hear the whole truth? And will the president ever admit to creating a culture of hostility toward conservative groups?...
“If this wasn’t politically motivated, why weren’t liberal groups targeted? Why did the IRS wait until after the 2012 election to admit their actions? Isn’t it interesting that none of President Obama’s supporters were targeted?...
“Where’s the accountability President Obama promised? Why do Lois Lerner and other high ranking IRS officials think they don’t deserve blame? Why don’t they accept responsibility for their failures to run their organization? How long will Lois Lerner be on a taxpayer-paid vacation? …

“Why did IRS officials stonewall at hearings? If nothing illegal happened, why did Lois Lerner refuse to answer questions before Congress? Were any crimes committed? If there’s nothing to hide, why are officials being so deliberately tight-lipped? Now that the IRS has missed the deadline to provide documents to Congress, how will Americans ever get the facts of what happened and who was involved?
“Who in Washington, D.C., knew and didn’t say anything? Have we seen all communications between the White House and the IRS? Why did President Obama have to read about the scandal in the news? Why did top aides know and keep it a secret for weeks? Who decided not to tell the president—if it’s true no one actually told him?...
“Why have these questions gone unanswered? Why can’t we get the facts? Is this really the ‘most transparent administration in history’?”

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