Chairman Reince Priebus on "Fox News Sunday"

RNC Communications - June 2, 2013

WASHINGTON— This morning, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus joined Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" to discuss the Republican Party’s efforts to grow and expand the party by building a permanent operation to talk to Americans in every community, and the GOP’s efforts to demand answers to the shifting stories and scandals in the Obama administration.

View the highlights below:

GOP open for repairs, building a permanent operation to talk with Americans in every community

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: “…If we’re being honest about it, we haven’t decisively won a presidential race in 24 years. This is not something that suddenly happened, but it is something that the national party and Republican Party et al have to address, which we did. Which we basically went around the country, we talked to 52,000 people, we have a serious project that we’re working on, we unveiled it. And I would say we’re not closed for repairs, but open for repairs. And that’s the Republican Party that needs to grow, that needs to win presidential elections, and needs to be a year-round permanent operation, which is what we’re building.”

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President Obama’s poll numbers down, impacted by long term economic health of our country and his administration’s scandals

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS:  “…The long-term health of this country, the improvement, is not being felt by the American people. We have long-term issues in the economy to be addressed that aren’t being addressed. Short-term up and downs aren’t being felt by people on the street. The scandals are something that’s taking a toll, because it goes down to trust, and whether or not people believe the President and his people are honest with the American people.”

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Eric Holder not being honest with the American people

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: “The fact of the matter is Eric Holder is not representing the American people, he’s representing the Democratic Party. And it’s very clear.”

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Unanswered questions on Obama administration scandals

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS:  “That’s why it doesn’t make sense. That’s why we need to keep digging. The idea that two or three people in lower offices in Cincinnati just suddenly out of thin air just decided, ‘you know what, why don’t we launch this massive effort to derail conservative groups, and actually go after individuals that give to conservative groups,’ that this suddenly happened. The other piece to this that we’re not talking about, that is evident, is that government under Barack Obama has gotten so big, that its main defense is, ‘look, I don’t know anything about any of these scandals, because everything underneath me is so big and unyielding, that I can’t possibly know about it.’ That’s a world, an America, that our founding fathers didn’t fight for. I think we need to go back to our constitutional America that respects the Bill of Rights, that this president and attorney general don’t do.”

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IRS scandal should start conversation about simplifying the tax code

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS:  “This is perhaps a great segue way for leadership in both parties to have a serious conversation about overhauling the IRS, the tax code, and doing something big in this country like making a fairer, flatter tax code, and let’s have that conversation, because clearly the IRS is failing and how far up that goes we’re yet to see. I think that there’s a lot of answers that need to be coming forward and we’re going start with Eric Holder again this week…”

Watch clip here.

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