Chief of Staff Update: GOP Enthusiasm Up; Late Breaking Indys Can Clinch

RNC Communications - November 3, 2012

Chief of Staff Update

FROM: RNC Chief of Staff Jeff Larson

TO: Interested Parties

RE: GOP Enthusiasm Up; Late Breaking Indys Can Clinch 


Our turnout effort is in full swing across the country. I have been blown away by the outpouring of time and energy from volunteers who are ready to change course and bring about a real Romney recovery! Just look at these stats:

  • Over 120,000 Romney Victory volunteers have contacted over 50 million voters since the program started this Spring
  • States like OH, VA, FL, WI and IA are running the best GOTV programs their states have ever seen, making millions of voter contacts each week
  • In the final 4 days of the campaign, the campaign’s Get Out The Vote operation will make over 6 million voter contacts with the help of 150,000 volunteers
  • On Election Day we will contact 2 million voters to go to the polls in one day alone

We are blowing out the Obama campaign on the ground. They even had to release a memo on their ground game that included calls that they were paying people to make. That is not the sign of a campaign with real grassroots enthusiasm! In the final 3 days I am confident that our volunteer army will knock on every last door and that Republicans will turn out in record numbers on election day.

While our turnout operation is in a strong position, we need to continue to persuade swing voters in battleground states about the choice the face. President Obama is ending his campaign talking about Big Bird and telling people to vote “for revenge”, Mitt Romney is offering big plans, bold solutions  and a promise to work with Republicans and Democrats alike to fix our economy. That’s the right contrast and message to swing voters to ensure we win on Tuesday. And that’s the right vision for how to get our country back on track.



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