Engaging with Hispanics

Reince Priebus - September 18, 2013

Excerpts from National Review Online. Read the full editorial here. 

National Review Online
September 18, 2013

Republicans have to remember that it’s not just their principles, but how they express them. 

This month, America marks Hispanic Heritage Month, or Mes de la Hispanidad. It’s a time to celebrate the countless contributions that Hispanics have made to this great country for generations. It’s a time to celebrate Latino history and Americans’ shared future.


Hispanics are the fastest-growing demographic group in America. ... No party can fully represent the American people if it doesn’t build relationships with the Hispanic community. That’s why the RNC has made an unprecedented investment in building a long-term year-round presence in Latino communities across the country. We’re going where people live, work, and worship. We’ll be at community events and swearing-in ceremonies, sharing our positive vision for America but, more importantly, listening to Hispanics’ concerns and cares.


But let’s be clear: This isn’t just about vote tallies. Putting electoral politics aside for a moment, let’s recognize that Democrats are doing a disservice to our fellow Americans. When we don’t fight for the Latino vote, two things happen. Some Hispanics sit out elections, which was the case in the last election, or Democrats take their votes for granted. As a result, we miss opportunities, and Democrats feel free to prioritize the demands of moneyed special interests over the interests of individuals and families.


It’s up to Republicans to tell our story and offer a better way. And it’s up to every one of us to engage with Hispanic voters. If you’re not doing that now, get with it.

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