Families Hurt By ObamaCare Share Their Stories

Reince Priebus - November 1, 2013

Red State
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
November 1, 2013

President Obama made many promises about ObamaCare. And President Obama has broken many promises about ObamaCare.

He promised that if you like your current plan, you could keep it. He promised that ObamaCare would make healthcare more affordable.

Today, millions of Americans are finding out that’s not true. Their plans are getting canceled. Their premiums are increasing.

Democrats are unfazed and unconcerned about this. It turns out they expected this all along. But they need to hear from the families who are enduring the consequences of ObamaCare.

That’s why the RNC launched, where those impacted by ObamaCare can share their stories and even upload pictures of letters cancelling their coverage, pink slips from employers, or screenshots of glitches.


The stories keep coming in. There’s the small businessman who provides his employees insurance but now has to figure out how to pay for the increased costs. And there’s the college student who lost his current plan and is struggling to find a new one he can afford while paying for college.

These are stories from real Americans. But listening to President Obama speak, you’d think none of this is happening.

Democrats and President Obama need to know what they’re doing to American families. They may not be willing to listen, but Republicans are. We’ll keep listening to Americans’ stories—and we’ll keep telling their stories.

If you have been impacted by ObamaCare, speak out. Share your experience at

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