For Young Adults Struggling In The Obama Economy, Hillary's Record Disappoints

- June 24, 2014

Today, Hillary Clinton Will Speak In Colorado At The Clinton Global Initiative Pushing For Companies To Train And Hire Young Adults. "Hillary Rodham Clinton is encouraging companies to train and hire young people, offering a new jobs pitch during her family's annual domestic policy summit as she considers another presidential campaign. The former secretary of state was launching a project called 'Job One' at the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting Tuesday, featuring hiring, training and mentoring initiatives from 10 companies, including The Gap, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft and Marriott." (Ken Thomas, "Hilalry Clinton To Announce Youth Jobs Push," The Associated Press , 6/24/14)


Earlier This Year, Hillary Clinton Doubled-Down On ObamaCare, Claiming That The Law Will Liberate Young People And Give Them An Opportunity To Pursue A Career In Acting Or As An Artist. "Hillary Clinton encouraged college students to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, saying Wednesday that the health care law 'liberates' people from being stuck in jobs they don't like and will allow them 'to go try your hand at filmmaking or an Internet start-up or be an artist.'" (George Bennett, "Clinton Pitches ObamaCare As Stimulus For Budding Filmmakers, Artists, Internet Entrepreneurs," The Palm Beach Post , 2/27/14)

While In Obama's Cabinet, Hillary Clinton Pushed For ObamaCare. "President Obama receives a congratulatory hug from Hillary Clinton the day after the House passed the Affordable Care Act. Clinton, who had pushed for health care reform when her husband was president, supported Obama's insistence that the law be passed and spoke up on the president's behalf during a cabinet meeting." (Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, HRC: State Secrets And The Rebirth Of Hillary Clinton, 2014)

  • "She Defended The President's Health Plan Against Doubting Cabinet Colleagues, A Moment The Authors Describe As 'Pivotal, If Underappreciated.'" (Liza Mundy, "Book World: 'HRC,' Inside Clinton's State Dept. And The Political Machine," The Washington Post , 2/6/14)

Like ObamaCare, Hillary Clinton's 2008 Health Plan Also Mandated That Employers Provide Health Insurance Or Pay Into A National Fund. "Many 2008 Democratic presidential candidates, most recently Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, are embracing the notion of the so-called 'pay or play' insurance coverage mandate, which would require employers to provide health coverage to their employees or pay a tax into a national fund that would provide the coverage for them." (Sara Lubbes, "Perils And Pluses Of 'Play Or Pay' Insurance Mandates," CQ HealthBeat News, 9/18/07)

  • HillaryCare '08 Plan Required Employers To Cover Their Employees Or Pay A Fine, Known As The "Pay or Play" Mandate. "Employers: will help finance the system; large employers will be expected to provide health insurance or contribute to the cost of coverage; small businesses will receive a tax credit to continue or begin to offer coverage." (Hillary Clinton For President Website,, Accessed 10/15/07)

The ObamaCare/HillaryCare Employer Mandate Is Adding To The Struggles Of Young Adults Working In Colorado

A University Official Said That Some Students Will Have To Work Off-Campus If They Exceed The 30 Hour Per Week Threshold That Triggers The ObamaCare Employer Mandate. "Much of the question hinges on if the 30-hour limit will be enforced as a weekly maximum or as a 1,560-hour yearly total. 'I cannot tell you we are or are not going to restrict people to 30 hours a week because we have made no decision on that,' Szpyrka said. Initially, CU Employee Services conducted a 'look-back period' from Oct. 1, 2012, to Sept. 30, 2013, to see how a 1,560 cap on hours a year would affect student employees. Results indicated that no undergraduate students at UCCS were found to have worked in excess of 1,560 hours over the 12-month period. A second review period, however, conducted from May 2012 to April 2013, indicated 42 UCCS undergraduates worked more than 1,560 hours during that period. Szpyrak indicated if students wanted to continue working 40 hours a week, they would possibly have to do so partially on campus but in conjunction with another off-campus employer." (Nick Beadleston, "Health Care Law To Potentially Eliminate Full-Time Student Jobs," The [University Of Colorado, Colorado Springs] Scribe , 12/16/13)

  • According To The University Of Colorado, ObamaCare Will Affect Calculations For Student Employment And Time Worked. "Beginning January 1, several components of the Affordable Care Act are slated to go into effect. Among these is the employer mandate, which may redefine the traditional workweek and will change how businesses and institutions nationwide calculate pay. The University of Colorado system, and UCCS by extension, is still unsure how the new law will effect student employment. 'It will have a change definitely on how we calculate time worked,' said Lisa Landis, assistant vice president, Employee Services for the CU system. 'We are getting very little guidance from federal regulations.'" (Nick Beadleston, "Health Care Law To Potentially Eliminate Full-Time Student Jobs," The [University Of Colorado, Colorado Springs] Scribe , 12/16/13)

One Student Is Worried "About Having To Make Ends Meet" And Said That The "Limitation Is Very Unfair" And Not "Morally Right." "Kristen Robards, a junior math major who works at the Copy Center, expressed worries about having to make ends meet. 'The limitation is very unfair, especially for students who are financially independent like myself,' said Robards. 'For them to limit that I don't think is morally right.'" (Nick Beadleston, "Health Care Law To Potentially Eliminate Full-Time Student Jobs," The [University Of Colorado, Colorado Springs] Scribe , 12/16/13)

The Story Is The Same Across The Country With Universities Forced To Reduce Hours For Students

Central Michigan University Students Are Set To Take A Pay Cut As The University Has Had To Cut Hours For Students That Work Part-Time. "College students at one Mid-Michigan school who work more than 25 hours a week will take a big pay cut beginning next year. Central Michigan University says to meet requirements under the federal healthcare reform law, students cannot exceed that workload." (Kristin Abraham, "ObamaCare Forces Work Hour Limits For CMU Students," WJRT , 7/23/13)

  • For One Central Michigan Student, The Cuts "Will Sting." "Lauren Kramer will be a senior this fall at CMU. She's worked on campus since she was a freshman. 'My paychecks go towards groceries and rent, and going out on the weekends.' That spending plan might change because Lauren won't be working as many as hours as she would like at the CMU bookstore. During the bookstore's peak hours, she's exceeded the amount currently allowed by the university. 'Sometimes you can hit 40 hours, or a little over, I've hit in the past. This time, we will have to be more careful, and 25 hours, it will sting a little bit, but we'll just have to deal with it. People will be upset, but you have to go with it,' Kramer said." (Kristin Abraham, "ObamaCare Forces Work Hour Limits For CMU Students," WJRT , 7/23/13)
  • For Another Student, ObamaCare Mandates Are Making It Harder To Pay For School. "Starting this fall, Scott Stewart will work two university jobs. His total hours must not exceed the new limit. 'Students use that money to pay for finances and school and I think it's going to become increasingly harder for them to pay for school when we can only work 25 hours.'" (Kristin Abraham, "ObamaCare Forces Work Hour Limits For CMU Students," WJRT , 7/23/13)

Last Summer, The University Of Alabama Notified Graduate Students That The University Was Capping Working Hours To 20 Hours A Week Due To ObamaCare. "Earlier this summer, the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa sent e-mails to graduate students announcing that they no longer could work more than 20 hours per week, universitywide, due to the Affordable Care Act. The act defines full-time employees as those working 30 hours a week or more, on average. Large employers such as colleges and universities that don't offer those employees health care will be subject to hefty, per-employee fines." (Colleen Flaherty, "The Next Target," InsideHigherEd , 8/22/13)

Due To ObamaCare's Employer Mandate, The University Of North Carolina System Faces Up To $46.4 Million More In Costs. "After years of having its budget squeezed by state budget cuts and rising enrollments, the University of North Carolina system now faces a potential $46 million hit from the Affordable Care Act. Starting next year, large employers must provide insurance for all employees who work more than 30 hours a week. The UNC system has 8,586 visiting professors, graduate assistants and others who meet that threshold but don't qualify for coverage under the State Health Plan because they are considered non-permanent employees. Under the Affordable Care Act, the university system would have to provide insurance to all of those workers. The average cost of state health insurance is about $5,400 per year, bringing the total potential cost to $46.4 million." ("Health Care Law Could Cost UNC System $46M," WRAL, 3/5/14)

  • UNC Is Considering Cutting The Hours Of Temporary Workers Such As Students. "UNC administrators say they might reduce the hours for many of the temporary workers to fewer than 30 per week to dodge the health care law's coverage requirement." ("Health Care Law Could Cost UNC System $46M," WRAL , 3/5/14)

And For Young Adults Who Have Jobs, They'll Be Spending More Of Their Paychecks Due To ObamaCare/HillaryCare

Colorado Ski Resort Towns Are Enduring Some Of The Highest Health Care Premiums In The Country. "Residents of Aspen, Vail and other resort towns are accustomed to paying steep prices, but news that their health insurance premiums are the highest in the country has outraged consumers and surprised even state insurance officials." (Electa Draper, "Colorado Mountain Towns Pay Highest Health Premiums In U.S.," The Denver Post, 2/9/14)

  • The Cost Of Health Coverage At The Pricey Ski Resorts Is More Than "Connecticut's Affluent Bedroom Communities For New York City Commuters." "Colorado mountain communities are isolated, but their residents pay more than those living in Alaska, rural Nevada and Wyoming. There are pricey ski resorts here, but residents pay more than those in Vermont. There is wealth in these mountain resorts, but residents pay more than in Connecticut's affluent bedroom communities for New York City commuters." (Electa Draper, "Colorado Mountain Towns Pay Highest Health Premiums In U.S.," The Denver Post, 2/9/14)

In New Hampshire Ski Country, Greg Goddard, GM Of Gunstock Ski Resort In New Hampshire, Is Considering Shortening The Ski Season Because Of ObamaCare's Requirement To Provide Health Coverage To Employees Who Work 120 Days. "At a forum on the Affordable Care Act held last week, Greg Goddard, general manager of Gunstock Ski Resort, said the resort might shorten its season because it cannot afford to offer health insurance to its full-time seasonal employees who work for more than 120 consecutive days, as the law requires." (Editorial, "Downhill: ObamaCare Vs. Ski Areas," New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/21/14)

  • Goddard: "We May Not Be Able To Open Beyond 120 Days." "'We may not be able to open beyond 120 days; it may be Christmas to the middle of March ... the summer season may be the fourth of July until Labor Day,' he said." (Editorial, "Downhill: ObamaCare Vs. Ski Areas," New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/21/14)

"Similar Problems Could Hit Summer Resorts." (Editorial, "Downhill: ObamaCare Vs. Ski Areas," New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/21/14)

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