Clinton's Illegal Straw Donor Gets Sentenced

- August 15, 2016

Today, Another Shady Clinton Money Man Was Sentenced To Jail Time Resulting From Illegal Campaign Finance Schemes Aimed At Getting Clinton Elected

Today, "Prolific Political Donor" Jeffrey Thompson Was Sentenced To Jail Time. "Jeffrey E. Thompson, the prolific political donor behind the illegal financing of Vincent C. Gray's 2010 mayoral bid, was sentenced to three months behind bars after a federal judge on Monday overruled prosecutors who sought only home confinement for the former District government contractor." (Anne Marimow, Mike DeBonis, and Rachel Weiner, "'Shadow Campaign' Donor And Mastermind Sentenced To Three Months Behind Bars," The Washington Post , 8/15/16)

In March 2014, Embroiled D.C. Businessman Jeffery Thompson, Had Pleaded Guilty To Illegally Funneling Money To Clinton's 2008 Presidential Bid. "D.C. businessman Jeffrey E. Thompson pleaded guilty on Monday to illegally funneling more than $2 million to Vincent C. Gray's successful 2010 mayoral bid, Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2008 presidential run and the campaigns of other candidates in local and federal elections." (Emma Brown and Marc Fisher, "Jeffrey Thompson's Plea Deal: Key Details," The Washington Post, 3/10/14)

Jeffrey E. Thompson, A Former D.C. Contractor, Secretly Spent More Than A Half-Million Dollars On Get-Out-The-Vote Efforts For Clinton's 2008 Campaign. "The D.C. businessman at the center of an ongoing city corruption investigation secretly spent more than a half-million dollars on get-out-the-vote efforts for Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, according to interviews and court documents filed Wednesday." (Ann E. Marimow and Philip Rucker, "The Secret Effort To Help Clinton In 2008 Alleged," The Washington Post , 9/11/13)

Thompson Paid A New York Marketing Executive, Troy White, Over $608,000 To Hire "Street Teams" To Distribute Material To Raise Clinton's Profile During The 2008 Democratic Primaries. "Thompson allegedly paid Troy White, a New York marketing executive, more than $608,000 to hire 'street teams' to distribute posters, stickers and yard signs beginning in February 2008 to help raise Clinton's profile during her primary battle with then-Sen. Barack Obama, according to the documents and interviews with several people familiar with the investigation." (Ann E. Marimow and Philip Rucker, "The Secret Effort To Help Clinton In 2008 Alleged," The Washington Post , 9/11/13)

Thompson Did Not Disclose His Expenditures Or Activities To The Federal Election Commission, Thus Violating Campaign Finance Laws. "A search of federal campaign records found no evidence that Thompson or White disclosed the alleged expenditures or activities to the Federal Election Commission, as required by campaign finance laws." (Ann E. Marimow and Philip Rucker, "The Secret Effort To Help Clinton In 2008 Alleged," The Washington Post , 9/11/13)

Minyon Moore, The Woman Clinton Just Tapped To Run Her Transition Team, Was Implicated In Thompson's Scheme

Longtime Clinton Adviser Minyon Moore "Personally Sought And Secured" $608,750 From Thompson As Funding For A Pro-Clinton Shadow Campaign In Four States And Puerto Rico. "A longtime adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton personally sought and secured the funding for an illegal shadow operation to boost Clinton's 2008 presidential bid, according to court papers released as part of a wide-reaching campaign finance scandal. Washington businessman Jeffrey Thompson, who pleaded guilty Monday on federal conspiracy charges in a case that has focused largely on District Mayor Vincent Gray's 2010 election, told federal prosecutors that Clinton aide Minyon Moore asked him to fund pro-Clinton efforts in four states and Puerto Rico totaling $608,750 during the hard-fought 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign, the documents show." (Matea Gold and Rosalin Helderman, "Hillary Clinton Adviser Minyon Moore Sought Funds For Illegal Campaign, Court Papers Allege," The Washington Post , 3/11/14)

  • Moore Was The "Link" Between Clinton's 2008 Campaign And This Campaign Finance Scheme. "A longtime aide to Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton has been identified as the link between Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign and a person who admitted using more than $600,000 in off-the-books funds to help get out the vote in the Democratic primaries. Minyon Moore is the unnamed individual who, according to court documents, introduced New York marketing executive Troy White to a District of Columbia businessman who paid White to deploy 'street teams' on Clinton's behalf, according to a person familiar with the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to disclose the information." (Ben Nuckols, "Longtime Clinton Aide The Link In Campaign Scheme," The Associated Press, 9/13/13)
  • Earlier This Month, Clinton Tapped Moore To Prepare Her Transition Planning Effort." "Hillary Clinton officially began planning for her White House on Wednesday, tapping campaign chairman John Podesta and long-time aide Minyon Moore to prepare her transition planning effort." (Lisa Lerer and Stephen Braun, "Hillary Clinton Officially Begins Transition Planning," The Associated Press, 8/3/16)

This Isn't The First Time People Have Gone To Prison Trying To Get Clinton Into The White House

In 2012, Clinton Ally William P. Danielczyk Jr., Was Sentenced To 28 Months In Prison For Illegally Funneling Cash From His Banking Firm Into Clinton's Senate And Presidential Campaigns. "A Northern Virginia businessman convicted of illegally funneling cash from his banking firm to Hillary Rodham Clinton's senate and presidential campaigns was sentenced to two years and four months in federal prison Friday - bringing to a conclusion a case that drew national attention as it briefly challenged a longtime federal ban on corporate donations to political candidates, authorities said. William P. Danielczyk Jr., 51, the founder of a McLean-based banking firm known as Galen Capital Group, had pleaded guilty in February to one count of making illegal conduit campaign contributions."(Matt Zapotosky, "28-Month Sentence For Businessman Who Funneled Cash To Hillary Clinton Campaigns," The Washington Post , 5/31/13)

In May 2009, Clinton Donor Norman Hsu Pled Guilty To Running A Ponzi Scheme That Defrauded Investors Of At Least $20 Million. "Disgraced top Democratic Party fundraiser, Norman Hsu, pled guilty Thursday to charges of running a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of at least $20 million." (Richard Esposito and Maddy Sauer, Infamous Clinton Fundraiser Pleads Guilty To Ponzi Scheme," ABC News, 5/7/09)

  • "The Government Asserted That Hsu Intertwined His Scheme With His Political Activity And Pressured His Investors To Contribute To His Favorite Political Candidates, Including Then Senator Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign." (Richard Esposito and Maddy Sauer, Infamous Clinton Fundraiser Pleads Guilty To Ponzi Scheme," ABC News, 5/7/09)
  • In September 2009, Hsu Was Sentenced To 24 Years In Prison For Illegally Funneling Money To U.S. Political Candidates. " A federal judge Tuesday sentenced Democratic fund-raiser Norman Hsu to more than 24 years in prison for illegally funneling money to U.S. political candidates and for defrauding investors in a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme." (Chris Herring, "Democratic Donor Gets 24-Year Term," The Wall Street Journal, 9/30/09)

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