Gorsuch Is Receiving Across-The-Board Praise

- March 16, 2017

Since Being Nominated To The Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch Has Been Applauded As Principled, Independent, Qualified, And A Good Fit For The Current Court


  • Since being nominated to the Supreme Court a month ago, Judge Neil Gorsuch has widely been praised as a strong choice to fill the vacancy on the nation's highest court.
  • Members of the Supreme Court bar and sitting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have praised Gorsuch, and the American Bar Association endorsed Gorsuch with their highest rating.
  • Former colleagues and law clerks have commended Judge Gorsuch for his integrity, intelligence and principled approach to the law - all of which would make the mainstream conservative Gorsuch a fair and qualified Justice.


Judge Gorsuch's Commitment To The Rule Of Law And Independence Of The Judicial Branch Has Been Widely Lauded

Thirty-Nine Of Judge Gorsuch's Former Law Clerks Said That "Judge Gorsuch Has Devoted Himself To The Rule Of Law. He Believes Firmly That The Role Of The Judge In Our Democracy Is To Apply The Laws Made By The Political Branches… Not To Confuse Things With A Judges Own Policy Preferences." "Throughout his career, Judge Gorsuch has devoted himself to the rule of law. He believes firmly that the role of the judge in our democracy is to apply the laws made by the political branches - that is, to adhere to our Constitution and the statues our elected representatives have enacted, and not to confuse those things with a judge's own policy preferences." (Frank Thorp V, "Image" Twitter Feed , 2/14/17)

Three Lawyers Who Previously Clerked For Judge Gorsuch And Justice Scalia Said That Gorsuch "Is A Brilliant Thinker, A Fair and Independent Judge And A Clear And Effective Communicator Of Important Ideas." "Although no one can replace the Justice, we can think of no one more worthy of his seat than Judge Gorsuch. He is a brilliant thinker, a fair and independent judge and a clear and effective communicator of important ideas." (Michael E. Kenneally, Matt Owen, and Eric Tung, "A Principled And Courageous Choice," US News & World Report , 2/13/17)

Obama Administration Acting Solicitor General And Professor At Georgetown University Neal K. Katyal: "I Have No Doubt That If Confirmed, Judge Gorsuch Would Help To Restore Confidence In The Rule Of Law." "I have no doubt that if confirmed, Judge Gorsuch would help to restore confidence in the rule of law. His years on the bench reveal a commitment to judicial independence - a record that should give the American people confidence that he will not compromise principle to favor the president who appointed him." (Neal K. Katyal, Op-Ed, "Why Liberals Should Back Neil Gorsuch," The New York Times , 1/31/17)

  • Katyal: Gorsuch Is "An Extraordinary Judge And Man." "Until Tuesday, when he nominated an extraordinary judge and man, Neil Gorsuch, to be a justice on the Supreme Court." (Neal K. Katyal, Op-Ed, "Why Liberals Should Back Neil Gorsuch," The New York Times , 1/31/17)

Boulder County, Colorado's Democrat District Attorney, Stan Garnett, Has Called Gorsuch "Very Ethical" And "Very Smart." "Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett, a Democrat, described Gorsuch as 'very ethical' and 'very smart.'" (Erica Meltzer, "Neil Gorsuch Is A Judge In The 'Scalia Mold,' And His Liberal Students Love Him," Denverite , 1/31/17)

Former Federal Judge Michael McConnell, Who Served With Judge Gorsuch On The 10th Circuit Court Of Appeals, Said That Gorsuch Is "An Independent Thinker, Never A Party Liner." "From his first days on the court, Judge Gorsuch was an independent thinker, never a party liner. I asked my research assistant to examine every case in which Gorsuch sat with a mix of Republican- and Democratic-appointed judges, and we reached divided conclusions. In the past five years, in almost one-third of those cases, Gorsuch voted with his liberal colleagues, not with the conservatives. That is the record of a moderate, fair-minded, nonpartisan jurist." (Michael McConnell, "I Served With Judge Gorsuch. This Is My Reflection On His Character," The Hill , 2/10/17)

Judge Gorsuch Is "Exceptionally Well Qualified To Join The Supreme Court" Based On His "Impeccable Credentials" Makes Opposition Based On Merit Impossible

Two Prominent Democrat Colorado Lawyers, Norm Brownstein And Steve Farber, Signed A Letter Saying That "Judge Gorsuch Is Exceptionally Well Qualified To Join The Supreme Court. He Deserves An Up Or Down Vote." "Brownstein and Farber founded the Denver-based firm now called Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck and the two men are some of the biggest political players in the state; Farber was a key member of the team that brought the 2008 Democratic National Convention to Denver. The two added their names to other self-described members of Colorado's legal community in saying: 'We hold a diverse set of political views as Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Many of us have been critical of actions taken by President Trump. Nonetheless, we all agree that Judge Gorsuch is exceptionally well qualified to join the Supreme Court. He deserves an up or down vote.'" (Mark K. Matthews, "Prominent Colorado Attorneys Call For Neil Gorsuch To Be Confirmed," The Denver Post , 2/23/17)

Former White House Lawyer John Adams: Gorsuch Is "Incredibly Intelligent," "Polished," "Kind," "Gracious," And A "Wonderful Pick." JOHN ADAMS: "But I think like the American people saw last night, he's an incredibly intelligent man, but he's also a very kind, gracious and polished person. And so he's certainly not a Scalia clone in the sense he has some views that are different than the late justice. But he's a wonderful, wonderful pick for the administration, and I think the American people are going to not only respect his credentials, but as they get to know him, they're going to like him." (CNN'S "Newsroom," 2/1/17)

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Gorsuch's Former Legal Partner Mark Hansen: "He's An Affable, Collegial Unpretentious Man" In Whom "Liberals Will Find Very Little To Fault." "'I think the conservatives will love him and the liberals will find very little to fault,' said Mark Hansen, a former partner of Gorsuch at Kellogg Huber Hansen. 'He's an affable, collegial, unpretentious man with a good sense of humor.'" (Ariane de Vogue, "How Neil Gorsuch Could End Up As Donald Trump's Supreme Court Nominee," CNN , 1/25/17)

  • Hansen: Gorsuch Has Shown "Resilience," "Strength," And "Steadfastness." "'If adversity shows the true character of a person, then Neil showed his resilience, his strength and steadfastness,' Hansen said of how Gorsuch handled a difficult case." (Elizabeth Aguilera, "10 th Circuit Judge's Oath A Family Affair," The Denver Post , 1/24/17)

Denver Constitutional Lawyer Richard Westfall: Gorsuch Is "Incredibly Bright" And "Very Gracious." "Richard Westfall, a Denver lawyer who specializes in constitutional law, knows Gorsuch from the late 1980s, when both worked in a Washington law firm. Both were clerks for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White and have kept in touch. Westfall said Gorsuch is 'incredibly bright' and characterized him as a 'principled conservative,' one who cares about people. 'He's conservative in views,' Westfall said, 'but very gracious and personable by disposition.'" (Alicia Caldwell, "Neil Gorsuch Is Pick For U.S. Appeals Court," The Denver Post , 5/9/06)

Former Gorsuch Clerk And Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley: Gorsuch "Possesses An Incisive Legal Mind, Writes With Skill And Wit, And Is Scrupulously Fair." "I observed in the year that I worked at the court what many litigants and commentators have since noted, that Gorsuch possesses an incisive legal mind, writes with skill and wit, and is scrupulously fair." (Josh Hawley, Op-Ed, "Neil Gorsuch Is Exactly The Kind Of Supreme Court Justice We Need," CNN , 3/3/17)

Former Federal Judge John L. Carroll: Gorsuch Has "Absolutely Impeccable Credentials. You Can Not Attack His Background." ANCHOR: "You can't argue with his resume right?" JOHN CARROLL: "You cannot, I mean this is a judge who has absolutely impeccable credentials. You can not attack his background, his credentials or anything about him." (FOX 34's "Good Day Alabama," 2/1/17)

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Clinton Appointee and Former Tenth Circuit Judge Robert H. Henry Praised Gorsuch As A "Brilliant Legal" Scholar. "Henry said Judge Carlos Lucero of Denver came to the court as an expert in water law and environmental law, while Michael McConnell of Salt Lake City and Neil Gorsuch of Denver were brilliant legal scholars who also brought experience from working at the Justice Department." (Robert Boczkiewicz, "Judge Captures Top Seat In Federal Court Of Appeals," The Oklahoman, 12/31/07)

Princeton University Law Professor Robert P. George: Gorsuch Is "An Intellectual Superstar." "When it comes to fitness for judicial office, the first criterion usually considered is intellect and education, and here Gorsuch is off the charts. Even people who do not share his political outlook or judicial philosophy, but have read his judicial opinions, recognize him as an intellectual superstar." (Robert P. George, Op-Ed, "Ignore The Attacks On Neil Gorsuch. He's An Intellectual Giant - And A Good Man," The Washington Post , 2/1/17)

Northwestern University Law Professor Eugene Kontorovich: "Judge Neil Gorsuch Is A Highly Qualified, Serious Judge." "Judge Neil Gorsuch is a highly qualified, serious judge-a conservative, but no firebrand." ("What Could Gorsuch Mean for the Supreme Court?" Politico Magazine , 2/1/17)

Judge Gorsuch's "Principled Approach To The Law" Has Made Him A "Devoted Steward Of The Law" And Echoes His Ability To Be A Strong Member Of The Supreme Court

Thirty-One Members Of The Supreme Court Bar Wrote A Letter Supporting Judge Gorsuch For The Supreme Court, Saying "He Is Principled In His Approach To The Law… We Are Unified In Offering Our Support Of Judge Gorsuch's Nomination." "In a letter sent Wednesday to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), 31 members of the Supreme Court Bar voiced their support for Gorsuch to be confirmed to the vacant seat left open by the death last year of Justice Antonin Scalia. 'Fairminded, dedicated, smart, and unfailingly polite, Judge Gorsuch is someone all of us would be pleased to appear before,' said the letter, signed by Lisa Blatt, who heads the appellate division at Arnold & Porter; Kaye Scholer; Roy Englert, an appellate and antitrust lawyer at Robbins Russell; and David Frederick, a partner at Kellog, Hansen, Todd, Figel & Frederick and former assistant to the Solicitor General in the Department of Justice, to name a few. 'He is principled in his approach to the law, but also keenly aware of practical consequences. He is a thoroughly kind and decent person.' The group said many of them have either worked with Gorsuch, litigated against him or argued before him in court. 'We hold a broad range of political, policy and jurisprudential views,' they wrote. 'But we are unified in offering our support of Judge Gorsuch's nomination.'" (Lydia Wheeler, "Members Of Supreme Court Bar Vouch For Gorsuch," The Hill , 3/1/17)

Jessica Greenstone, Who Formerly Clerked For Judge Gorsuch: "Judge Gorsuch Is A Sincere, Humble And Devoted Steward Of The Law Who Has A Demonstrated Record Of Faithfully Upholding Our Constitutional Rights. He Deserves Our Support." (Jessica Greenstone, Op-Ed, "I'm A Moderate For Gorsuch: Former Law Clerk," USA Today , 2/13/17)

Jonathan Papik, Who Formerly Clerked For Judge Gorsuch: Judge Gorsuch Is A "Principled, Hard-Working, Humble And Kind Man." "Having had the privilege to serve as a law clerk to Judge Gorsuch, I can personally attest to his legal brilliance. But if attention on Judge Gorsuch is focused solely on his jurisprudence, the public will not have a full picture of him, for a complete picture of Judge Gorsuch cannot be painted without a consideration of his character - that he is a principled, hard-working, humble and kind man." (Jonathan Papik, "Judge Neil Gorsuch Is A Man Of Integrity And Compassion," Morning Consult , 2/10/17)


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Praised Judge Gorsuch, Saying "I've Worked With Him And I Think He's Very Easy To Get Along With." "At her university appearance, Ginsburg had some kind words about Judge Neil Gorsuch, Trump's nominee to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Ginsburg said she got to know Gorsuch during a trip to England a few years ago to meet with judges there. 'I've worked with him and I think he's very easy to get along with,' she said. 'He writes very well.'" (Sam Hananel, "Justice Ginsburg Praises Media And The Role Of Free Press," The Associated Press , 2/23/17)

The American Bar Association Gave Judge Gorsuch "The Group's Highest Rating," Determining That He Is "Well-Qualified" To Serve On The Supreme Court. "The American Bar Association declared Judge Neil Gorsuch 'well-qualified' to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday, giving President Donald Trump's pick to succeed the late Antonin Scalia the group's highest rating." (Madeline Conway, "Bar Association Gives Gorsuch Its Best Rating," Politico , 3/10/17)

Former Supreme Court Attorney And Legal Blogger Michelle Olsen: "Judge Gorsuch Will Fit Very Well Into The Current Court. The Justices Know And Respect Him." "Judge Gorsuch will fit very well into the current court. The justices know and respect him." ("What Could Gorsuch Mean for the Supreme Court?" Politico Magazine , 2/1/17)

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