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Highlights from Conf. Call w/ Chairman Priebus Announcing Expanded National Latino Outreach Effort

- January 11, 2012

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

“I’m really proud of the fact that we’re going to announce the expansion of the RNC’s Hispanic Outreach Effort today. We all know it’s the fastest growing demographic in America, and Latinos play a vital role in all of our communities. The Republican Party believes that it’s crucial to involve Latinos at every level because diverse voices will lead to a stronger and obviously more vibrant party…

“We’re absolutely dedicated to engaging the Latino community and ensuring that it’s receiving the Republican message. At a time when the Hispanic unemployment rate is at eleven percent, almost two points higher than the national average, the Republican message of economic security is going to resonate with the Latino community. And that community is acutely aware of the fact that the effects of Obama’s disastrous economic policies have been just devastating across all sectors of the American economy.

“I happen to believe that the Latino community is just tired of the broken promises and empty rhetoric of this president.

“We’ll be adopting a multifaceted approach to connecting with Hispanic communities, using both digital outreach as well as traditional voter identification and get-out-the vote efforts.

“To lead the national effort, the RNC has named Bettina Inclán as the new Director of Hispanic Outreach. In addition to organizing the national effort, she’ll oversee the staff working in local communities across America. We’re also going to employ an aggressive communications plan to make sure Latinos are hearing our message of job creation.

“As part of today’s outreach announcement, we’re also unveiling our new @RNCLatinos Twitter account and RNC Latinos Tumblr blog, so that Latinos across the country will be able to get the latest bilingual content, videos and the great research that’s been coming out of the RNC. The Twitter and Tumblr accounts join the existing bilingual website at Through these platforms, it’s our hope that Latinos across the nation will be able to partake in the conversation like never before.

“I want to mention the latest polls that…all show Obama’s approval rating within the Hispanic community continuing to fall. The latest Gallup poll shows his approval among Latinos at just 46%, down from a high of 85% in 2009, and the biggest decline of any demographic. So, for all the hype and all the hyperbole you’ll hear from the Democratic National Committee and the president, he’s losing in the Hispanic community. And that’s because individuals and economic freedom and the principles of this party, good jobs, the American dream, rank number one across America and especially in the Hispanic community.

“We’ll be working hard to capitalize in the growing dissatisfaction with Obama, but more importantly, this is about America. And I believe that the Republican National Committee, along with Hispanics from across America, will be joined arm in arm in making sure that Barack Obama is a one term president, so that we can save this country for every American, no matter what their background.”

Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán:

“It is a pleasure to be part of the RNC staff and working with talented people. I’m really excited to be part of the RNC expanded Hispanic effort building on all the work we’ve already done this cycle.

“As the Chairman laid out, we are going to be doing a two phase program focusing our efforts on nationally but also in some very important battleground states with high Hispanic populations. The two phase efforts will one be a strong community engagement focus working directly with local Latino leaders spreading the Republican message and understanding that it all starts locally with respect to these local Hispanic communities. And two, it’s going to be a strong and effective GOTV effort here to connecting directly with Hispanic voters.

“We will be working closely to engage with different communities in Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada. And lots of things going out to make sure we’re talking directly and getting these people out to vote. By placing staff at the local communities, we will be engaging with the community where they work and live and bringing them the Republican message of economic opportunity and family values. I will be working closely with the staff on the ground to make sure they’re successfully involved in the local Latino community at all levels of the party.

“In addition to these traditional efforts, as the Chairman mentioned, we’re going to have a very strong presence in social media. The numbers speak for themselves. Hispanics are really engaged in social media and in technology in general. The Twitter account at @RNCLatinos, the Tumblr blog at and the bilingual website It will have bilingual information—English and Spanish—and we look forward to working together and making sure Barack Obama is a one-term president.”

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