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Highlights From RNC Press Conference Call on "Obama Giving Up On Jobs and His 2nd Term Agenda Being an Empty Binder"

- October 17, 2012

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH):

"The thing that struck me the most last night in the debate is that...what is the president's vision to make sure the next four years are not like the last when it comes to anemic economic growth we've seen, the over $5 trillion added to the debt, and frankly, less opportunities for everyone. Including women... I think these issues, one of the things when the president talks about women's issues he doesn't talk about his vision for how he's going to make sure that we address the number of women who are unemployed. Or the college students that are graduating right now that 50% of them are either out of work, can't find a job, unemployed or can't find a job to commiserate with a college degree and their educational background and having to move back into their homes. And I'm the mother of two children and the reason that I ran for the Senate is because of the fiscal state of the country and I think this is an issue that is of deep concern to women. And we heard no vision last night from the president. In fact, what we heard was higher taxes and more spending and no vision about how is it he's going to get our fiscal house in order. You know, he talked about higher taxes but, frankly, those taxes don't even get to the amount of spending that he has proposed. And so we continue to go into debt, go into debt, and it's clear that that's going to hit the middle class, as well, if we continue to spend. So, I think that was the most disappointing thing about last night from the president.

"The American people have to be asking what is it that's going to be different in the next four years. What is your policy vision for this country to make sure that we turn things around and things are better in America? We know what is the governor's policy vision. He has a five-point plan. It's very, very strong to make sure we turn things around for everyone in this country, including women and children to make sure that those opportunities are there for the next generation. So, that was my take away from the debate last night. And I think the president has to answer this question if the American people are going to give him another term."


RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

"Well, after last night's debate, really there's two inescapable conclusions. First, President Obama himself said that there are American jobs that he has given up on. And second, he didn't lay out a plan for a second term agenda. He's had two debates, and he's offered plenty of excuses. But he hasn't offered a plan. And that's what we're calling the empty binder. So, either he's out of ideas or he likes the way things are going. But there's a problem. And as Tom Friedman said this morning, 'Obama has a weakness when it comes to the question, 'Will the next four years really be any different?" And the weakness is an empty binder...they won't be different. And that's his problem. President Obama is defenseless to the truth as to where we're at in this economy. I mean that's why he didn't have a response for all of those times that Governor Romney indicted the president for the promises he made and where we're at today in this economy.

"The only thing that President Obama offers is another four years just like the last four years. And the twenty-three million Americans out there are struggling for work. Incomes have shrunk. Gas prices have doubled. Grocery bills have risen. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed. The national debt has exploded. And in all of this, women have struggled the most. And to make things worse, he wants to add a tax hike so massive that it will kill over 700,000 jobs. So really Obama isn't moving forward. He's giving up. Just like he said last night, and he said, 'There are some jobs that aren't gonna come back.' Mitt Romney isn't going to give up. He has a plan to strengthen the middle class. It will create 12 million new jobs and rising wages, and in the process we'll make North America energy independent, improve trade, and cut the deficit. No American can afford four more years of Barack Obama, and that's why we're so committed to electing Mitt Romney as the next president of the United States."

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