ICYMI: "Biden Proposed Social Security Freeze In 1984"

- October 11, 2012

"Biden Proposed Social Security Freeze In 1984"

From ABC News

By Jonathan Karl
October 11, 2012

Pop quiz: which vice presidential candidate said this about his budget proposal:

"While this program is severe, it is the only proposal that will halt the upward spiral of deficits."

And this: "Within the next 12 to 18 months this country will face an economic and political crisis of extraordinary proportions if Congress refuses to take decisive action on the deficits that we face."

Here's a hint: This candidate proposed cutting spending across-the-board, including reduced spending on Social Security and he even said the debt ceiling should not be increased without spending cuts.

Who is this vice presidential candidate?

Vice President Joe Biden.

The year was 1984 and Senator Joe Biden was sounding the alarm over Ronald Reagan's budget deficits. His proposal, which was co-sponsored by Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Nancy Kassebaum, R-Kan., included a one-year freeze of all federal spending including Social Security (no cost of living increase) and defense (no pay increase for the troops).

"So, when those of my friends in the Democratic and Republican Party say to me, 'How do you expect me to vote for your proposal? Does it not freeze Social Security COLA's for 1 year? Are we not saying there will be no cost-of -living increases for one year?' The answer to that is 'Yes," that is what I am saying," Biden said in a speech on the Senate floor on April 24, 1984.

In his Senate floor speech, Biden made it clear that his plan would also freeze pay increases for the military. …

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