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ICYMI: Chairman Priebus: "Biden's Right: Under Obama, Middle Class Has Been Buried"

- October 3, 2012

Excerpts from Red State


By: Chairman Reince Priebus

October 3, 2012

"The American middle class cannot afford four more years like the last four.

"Don't take my word for it. Ask Vice President Joe Biden.

"At a Tuesday campaign rally, he offered a remarkably candid assessment of the Obama presidency: 'the middle class...has been buried in the last four years'...

"As every family struggling to make ends meet knows all too well, the last four years have been devastating for the middle class...

"On Obama's watch, the middle class indeed 'has been buried'...

"The only policy plan the president has for a second term is a tax increase, which according to a study by the firm Ernst & Young would cost America 710,000 jobs. The middle class has been buried in the last four years, but Obama and Biden want to bury them some more.

"We need a new direction. We need a president with a plan to save and strengthen and empower the middle class--to dig us out of the last four years of failed policies.

"The Romney-Ryan Plan for a Stronger Middle Class will do just that. It is expected to create 12 million new jobs over the next four years. It has five key components:

"1. Implement the Romney plan for North American energy independence...

"2. Ensure every American has the education they need to find a good job...

"3. Pursue trade policy that works in America's interests...

"4. Get our spending under control and cut the deficit...

"5. Champion small business; instead of imposing new taxes and excessive regulations...

"Mitt Romney will cut taxes for the middle class, bringing much needed relief to families whose budgets are stretched thin and who are worried about their future...

"America needs a turnaround. The middle class knows it. And even Joe Biden knows it. But only Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a plan to take us toward a better future."

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