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ICYMI: Chairman Priebus: “The President Has Broken Many Promises”

- February 15, 2012

Excerpts from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

By: Reince Priebus

February 14, 2012

“President Obama lands in Milwaukee as he continues traveling the country on his quest for re-election. But before he makes more promises to Wisconsinites on what he would do in a second term, he should answer for the broken promises of his first term. He should explain to the residents of the state whose motto is ‘Forward’ why he has taken our country backward for the past three years.

“The list of broken promises is long - and growing. Most recently, the president failed on his chief responsibility: to uphold the Constitution. He issued a health insurance mandate that required religious organizations, most notably Catholic charities and schools, to violate their religious beliefs…

“The national unemployment rate has been above 8% for a record 36 months…He promised his $825 billion stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. Instead of creating jobs, it just created debt…

“He has added over $4.5 trillion to the national debt - debt that takes a toll on the economy and threatens our children's future. This is a sharp contrast with congressional Republicans, who, under the leadership of Wisconsin's own Rep. Paul Ryan, last year passed a budget and a plan for long-term fiscal solvency…

“Obama said now was the time to end our addiction to foreign oil…Last month, he blocked the Keystone energy pipeline, a project that would have provided affordable, reliable, secure energy to Americans…

“Wisconsinites have a leader like that in Gov. Scott Walker…One year after taking office, he has balanced the budget, reformed government and saved teachers from layoffs…

“The contrast with Obama is stark. America is decidedly worse off - our government is bigger, our debt is larger, our economy is weak and Americans are dispirited. The promise of ‘hope and change’ has been broken.”

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