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ICYMI: Chairman Priebus: "The Time For Action is Now: A Message to Grassroots Conservatives"

- July 30, 2012

Excerpts from Red State

By: Chairman Reince Priebus

July 30, 2012

"Yesterday marked 100 days till the presidential election. Undecided voters will begin to weigh their options more closely. Will they choose four more years of slow economic growth, or a new direction?

"This means now is the time to get involved! Here's how: This coming weekend is Super Saturday, where volunteers across the country will be mobilizing to get the word out to voters by making phone calls or going door-to-door to potential Republican voters. If you're in a battleground state, find a Victory Office near you or sign up for an event by visiting the Social Victory Center on Facebook. If you're not in a battleground state, or can't make one of our events on Saturday, you can use the Social Victory Center to make phone calls from home using our phone-from-home program...

"In the coming weeks, voters will watch conventions, debates, and rallies...Americans have heard nearly all they need to know to cast their ballots--most of it from the president himself.

"Last week President Obama said, 'We tried our plan--and it worked.' Days later, the quarterly GDP report showed the economy grew by a feeble 1.5 percent in the second quarter, meaning the economy is actually slowing down...

"A 'Daily Economic Briefing' has not appeared on his schedule since April of 2011. He has not convened his Jobs Council in over six months. Yet somehow in that time, he squeezed in over 110 fundraisers and 11 rounds of golf...

"We also saw his true views on America's free enterprise system when he said recently, 'If you have a business, you didn't build that. Someone else made that happen.' This was a revelation. It was President Obama's most explicit attack on business owners and innovators on record--the clearest articulation of his belief that government is responsible for all that is good in America...

"Our country needs a turnaround, a fresh start--something Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to deliver..."

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