ICYMI: Democrats Are Blocking Republican Solutions for Women and Working Families

Sharon Day - June 24, 2014

Excerpts from Real Clear Politics

By: RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day
June 24, 2014 

Recent polling from Republican pollsters confirms what Republicans have said for years: women’s top priorities are the economy, government spending, education, and healthcare…Democrats have long tried to reduce women to single issue voters…failing to respect the fact that women vote on a wide range of issues…relying on cynical political attacks like the “war on women” that lack substance…


For example, earlier this year when the White House…falsely accused Republicans of opposing equal pay. Republicans called them out, affirming our belief in equal pay for equal work and exposing them for peddling inaccurate statistics…President Obama himself did not meet his own standard. On average, women in the White House made 88 cents for every dollar a man made…


…Democrats are not just ignoring the bills passed by the Republican-led House. They also refuse to consider bills sponsored by Senate Republicans…


Senator Tim Scott is sponsoring the Supporting Knowledge and Investing in Lifelong Skills Act…which would transform our broken workforce development and training system into a more responsive and efficient program to enable workers to compete in the 21st century economy. This bill already passed the House in a 215-202 vote. 


Senator Susan Collins has a bill to restore the 40-hour work week with her Forty Hours Is Full Time Act. The act would repeal ObamaCare’s 30-hour workweek rule, which has cut American workers’ hours and wages. It, too, has passed the House.


Senator Mike Lee’s Working Families Flexibility Act would help workers handle the constant challenge of work-life balance. It would allow private-sector employers to give employees who work overtime a choice between extra pay or extra comp time. This passed House in a 223-204 vote.


If Democrats were serious, they would work with Republicans in the House and Senate…it’s what we have come to expect from Harry Reid and Barack Obama…They are so focused on winning elections that they will do anything to score a political point, including letting women and working families lose opportunities to better their lives.
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