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ICYMI: Highlights From RNC “We Did Build This” Press Conference Call

- July 23, 2012

Melissa Ball, Ball Office Products of Richmond, VA:

"I am here today to tell you that I disagree with the comments made by President Obama in Roanoke on July 13th in every context. Along with my partner, Jonathan, and our wonderful employees over the years we built our office products from scratch. Twelve years ago we took a big risk. We decided to start this business, we dedicated ourselves to work extremely hard, putting in extremely long hours in order to build a better future for ourselves, our families, our employees, and their families. So, when President Obama said in Roanoke that 'if you've got a business you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen,' I was personally extremely insulted.

"President Obama's comments reflect just how unqualified he is to lead us to a real economic recovery, but they are consistent with his economic record. He believes that government creates prosperity and his record on the economy is one of investing in taxpayer money in favorite companies. President Obama practices Chicago-style economics, where he rewards donors and cronies with political payoffs leading to disastrous results like Solyndra. And now the White House tells us that President Obama doesn't have time to meet with his Jobs Council, because he's got a lot on his plate. Well I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to President Obama and his Jobs Council to meet right here in my office.

"Obviously, he does have a lot on his plate. He's attended over one hundred fundraisers in the last six months, but I'd be happy to work around his very busy schedule. I think it would be helpful for the president and his Jobs Council to hear about real life struggles business owners face dealing with job killing policies such as ObamaCare, when they don't have friends in the White House who can steer money towards their companies.

"President Obama puts his faith in Big Government. He wants more regulation, more programs like ObamaCare, higher taxes, more government involvement in the economy. Mitt Romney puts his faith in the American people. President Obama is wrong Americans do build businesses on their own. We deserve a president who believes that as well and who is not too busy to promote that. Mitt Romney will never be too busy to focus on jobs and the economy. It will be his top priority as president and that is why I have decided to vote for him in November."

Larry Cerilli, Snoopy's Hot Dogs of Raleigh, NC:

"I am the co-owner of Snoopy's Hot Dogs in Raleigh, North Carolina and my partner Steve Webb, whose name you might have heard lately, started Snoopy's Hot Dogs 34 years ago. He started it with $6,000 dollars, the only $6,000 dollars he had to his name...Six years ago, I was lucky enough, my wife and I, to come on board and join him and also try to grow this company and in 3 years we did open up 2 stores.

"Steve and his wife and my wife and I were all having dinner Friday night and the news comes on and the words that caught me were 'If you have a business you didn't build it, somebody else made it happen' and all of our jaws kind of went down. I try not to get into politics, I am kind of busy but I always think that who the president is over the years, has America's best interest in mind. But when I heard that and my wife heard that and Steve hear d it, we said this has got to stop. For the President of the United States, just to have any comment like that...There is so much involved in a small business and we have no one to fall back on. I have 2 groups who help me make our business, that's our great customers and our employees and that's it.

"I can understand the comment from someone but not from the President of the United States. That crushes most people's dreams that want to go out and work for themselves. It's what I heard and it's what he meant me to hear and it was a gut shot and that's the reason why I put the sign up."

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