ICYMI: Joint Committee Call on the Fourth ObamaCare Anniversary

RNC Communications - March 21, 2014

WASHINGTON — This afternoon, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus held a conference call with NRCC Chairman Greg Walden and NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran to discuss the fourth anniversary of ObamaCare becoming law.

View transcript excerpts below.
Chairman Priebus
CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: …Democrats would prefer to ignore this anniversary, much less run on ObamaCare in the fall... Alex Sink tried to run on ObamaCare, and she lost…no serious observer believes that the Democrats can take back the House- and the Senate is slipping away from them…because American’s are hurting as a result of the law…This law was sold on a series of lies….we’re still finding out what’s in it…because the president keeps unilaterally re-writing it…the overall objective of this law was to expand health insurance to the 46 million uninsured…only about 5 million have enrolled via the exchanges, but an estimated 15-20% of those enrollees haven’t even paid their first premiums…the Administration refuses to say how many of these 5 million were previously uninsured…
CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS:... Democrats also promised… you could keep your plan… you could keep your doctor…ObamaCare would be a “jobs bill”…ObamaCare has helped make this economic recovery the slowest and weakest since the Great Depression…cutting workers’ hours…the equivalent of 2.5 million fewer full-time workers in the workforce…Democrats crafted this law behind closed doors, passed it in the dead of night on party line votes, and repeatedly lied to the American people… while this President won’t be on the ballot again…ObamaCare’s biggest supporters will be…we’re going to hold them accountable, no matter how far they try to run from this law.
Chairman Moran
CHAIRMAN MORAN: When I began in January of 2013 I seriously believed that we had the opportunity to gain five six, maybe seven seats. Today as you look at a electoral map in the senate races of 2014, we have strong credible candidates in races that can be won by those candidates in 10, 11, 12, 13 states…the map and opportunities have expanded dramatically in a year… because of the consequences of the ACA of Obamacare…It’s a symptom beyond that it’s changing the electoral map, and that’s the lack of credibility…the unwillingness for President Obama and Democratic Senators to tell the truth. The idea that an elected official is not leveling with the American people has as much or more damage than just the fact that there is a failed piece of legislation creates terrible policy in this country. Americans expect their elected officials to tell them the truth…
CHAIRMAN MORAN: …In 2010, Democratic senators voted to unanimously support the ObamaCare rule that is responsible for the cancellations of people’s health insurance. In September 2010, a resolution was on the Senate floor to block implementation of the so-called “grandfather rule.” Republicans warned that it would result in the cancellations of policies and would violate the president’s promise that if you liked your policy you could keep it…on a straight party line vote, Democrats killed that resolution. This is not unintended consequences, this is a known result of a passage of a piece of legislation…It doesn’t mean that the Republicans aren’t interested in improving access to affordable healthcare…it means that ObamaCare is not the path to accomplish that…
Chairman Walden
CHAIRMAN WALDEN: ...What I find in my district in Oregon,  is this visceral reaction to too much dysfunctional costly government involvement in your life. They see their health insurance disrupted. They are not sure they are going to be able to see the physician and other medical providers, they have seen for a long time…people are really frustrated…specifically from Oregon, the fiscal disaster or historic proportion called Cover Oregon…134 million dollars spent on a website, that has not worked and that doesn’t work yet…they may scrap the whole thing and go to the national website…
CHAIRMAN WALDEN: …What we learned in FL-13, is the Democrats’ playbook that they put out to all their candidates to embrace ObamaCare, to talk about it, fix it…was a total flop. They had no more an articulate spokesperson than Alex Sink when it came to making this argument and…Obama carried this district twice. She carried it once and yet we were able to prevail because David Jolly ran a top flight campaign. We were there helping and the messaging was straightforward…What ObamaCare really played out as was this underlying theme that there is too much government in our lives, too much interference in our healthcare…it’s the reason that you see Democrats leaving rather than losing like Jim [Matheson] in Utah and Mike [McInyre] in NC, and others who are stepping up to try it again…


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