ICYMI: Obamacare is a Loser For Everyone, Not Just Democratic Politicians

Sharon Day - March 20, 2014


Excerpts from The Examiner

By: RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day

March 11, 2014 

In politics, pundits are eager to pick winners and losers. If one interest group is winning, then another must be losing. The lone exception might be Obamacare, which to date looks like a loser for just about everyone.


For workers, Obamacare has led to new questions about their coverage and new reductions in their paychecks. Our nation’s workers were famously promised by President Obama that “if you like your plan, you can keep it.” Only after the law’s enactment date did the truth come out, and millions of American workers received notices that their health plans were to be cancelled.


On top of coping with challenges in their health coverage, many part-time workers are now facing fewer hours and smaller paychecks thanks to some of the law's unintended consequences…For businesses, Obamacare is making it more difficult and more expensive to provide health coverage for their employees.


Taxpayers are also poised to be big losers under Obamacare. The law created new taxpayer-funded co-ops that were intended to offer consumers more affordable options. Instead, in many states these co-ops have failed to be competitive with other plans, and enrollment has dwindled…This might explain why the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that the new law will cause 2.5 million people to leave their jobs and will increase our budget deficit by $1 trillion over the next ten years.


…Obamacare has led to a lot of U-turns and dead ends. Since the law was passed, President Obama has gone back and changed it 29 times. This creates a nearly impossible challenge for those tasked with building rate structures and ensuring a fair and useful system…Over the course of this year, many will debate the political significance of Obamacare, questioning whether it’s a "loser" for Democrats or a "winner" for Republicans. That question pales in significance to the larger issue at stake -- that this law thus far has been a loser for the entire country.
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