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ICYMI: RNC Chairman And Incoming WH COS Reince Priebus On Fox News Sunday

- January 8, 2017


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Chairman Priebus On Foreign Cyber Attacks On The US And The DNC’s Failure To Protect Its Computer Systems
MR. PRIEBUS: "This is something that's been going on in our elections for many, many years, both the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians. It happens every election period. Now, in this particular case, it started way back in 2015 before either nominee of either party was chosen, and it started - and this is declassified - as a spear phishing expedition over many different institutions. It just so happened that the DNC had nearly no defenses on their system, and when they were warned multiple times by the FBI they didn't respond, and so suddenly, you have a major political party, one of the biggest political parties in the world, that by their own admission lacked defenses, lacked training, and allowed a foreign government into their entire email system without responding to the FBI. So, yes, we have bad actors around the world. We have bad actors including the Russians. But we also have a problem when we have a major political institution that allows foreign governments into their system with hardly any defenses or training. That's a huge story, and that's what people are talking about as well … When you have staffers opening up emails that say, you know, ‘I’m stranded in Mali and I need $20,000 click on this link’ and the DNC is clicking on these links. You know I’ve got to tell you something, no one thinks that Assange is a great guy, I can assure you of that, but I think the issue here is, yes, bad foreign actors, but it's also the DNC that has allowed itself to be hacked by about anyone in the world."

Chairman Priebus On President Elect Trump’s Reaction To The DNI Report, Praise For Intelligence Community
MR. PRIEBUS: "He accepts the fact that Russia and other entities engage in cyberattacks on the United States all day long. He accepts the fact that this particular case was entities in Russia, so that's not the issue. If you look at his statement, after he commends the intelligence community in the very first paragraph, he talks about the particular hack. He talks about the fact that the DNC was a sitting duck while the RNC had its act together. He then says in the first 90 days of his administration, he is going to order a full report as to what we can do to be better. But one of the things we can do to be better is when the FBI calls you and says you have a problem, you return the phone call …He has tremendous respect to the people in the intelligence community. In his statement on Friday it was the very first thing that he said, and he wanted make it clear that everybody working hard in the interest of our foreign intelligence that he appreciates them very much."


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