ICYMI: RNC Chairman on FNC's America's Newsroom

RNC Communications - April 17, 2014



WASHINGTON — This morning, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus joined the hosts of FNC’s “America’s Newsroom” to discuss the RNC’s lawsuit against the IRS and the GOP’s 2014 midterm efforts.

View transcript excerpts below and watch the clip here.

Chairman Priebus on the RNC’s Lawsuit Against the IRS
CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS: …the RNC has filed a lawsuit against the IRS and we have requested some pretty basic documents almost a year ago and they have requested one extension after the next in violation of the law…these are documents that they should have…they have a lot to hide…
Chairman Priebus Discusses the Role of Lerner and the White House
CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: … what we need is Lois Lerner to get prosecuted so we can have real discovery…and figure out what really happened…Lerner was setting up meetings with the DOJ to purposely target conservative groups…she specifically targeted Crossroads in writing and emails…she has apologized publically now to the American Bar Association…and she is admitting wrongdoing in front of the entire world…it is time the Obama administration force transparency here at the IRS and be who they said they would be…
Chairman Priebus on the IRS’ Delay
CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: …The problem is when they sit on documents for almost a year now, but they are not producing. They are hiding something that is worse. It is going to come out eventually…delay is a lawyers best weapon…imagine what it would be like if we decided not to pay taxes for over a year or didn’t file on April 15th…what would the IRS say to us?
Chairman Priebus on the GOP’s 2014 Midterm Efforts
CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: …It’s not just the candidates that are doing great…but even so at the national level…we outraised the Democratic Committee by almost $20 million…people are excited about what we are doing…I think we will win the majority in the Senate but we have to keep our head down and fight like crazy to make sure it happens.



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