ICYMI: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Weekend Hits

Reince Priebus - October 7, 2013

WASHINGTON — This weekend, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus joined Tucker Carlson on “Fox and Friends Saturday” and Shannon Bream on “America’s News HQ” to discuss Harry Reid's government shutdown and the failed leadership of President Obama and his Democrat allies. 

View Fox and Friends transcript excerpts below and watch here.
View America’s HQ transcript excerpt below and watch here.

RNC Lends Helping Hand, Offers To Pay To Keep WWII Memorial Open

TUCKER CARLSON:  …Our nation’s veterans still being shut out of WWII Memorial. RNC has offered to pay to have that memorial staffed and have that memorial open. Democrats said no, called that a stunt. What is going on in Washington? …
RNC CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS:  It's hard to know, Tucker. They are actually closing the grass, too, by the way around the Mall. So, if you want to know how extreme it's getting. What we looked at is we tried to calculate through the park service what five guards would cost for 30 days… I think they have spent more time though putting the barricades up around the WWII Memorial than they do in a month guarding the memorial….
Obama's Failed Leadership Continues

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: The president is not even willing to negotiate over crumbs here. His basic attitude is there's no negotiation… With Barack Obama, it's his way or the highway. First of all, I think that the American people agree that we spend too much money. They think that the debt is out of control. They don't like ObamaCare and they want something done in Washington and all we're asking for is to have some serious meeting of the minds on some of these issues. But the president's not willing. That's what's going on.

SHANNON BREAM: …Our polling shows the same thing. Polling across the board shows that people have those feelings about spending, about the healthcare law. But also our polling shows when it comes to a shutdown, 67% of Americans think it's a bad idea and only 37% think it's a good idea…What do you do with that perception?

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: … I don't disagree that people don't like a shutdown. But I also agree that people don't like ObamaCare. There's another poll out that said 76% of the American people think that Harry Reid and Barack Obama should come to the table and end this. That's what I think too. That’s what I think Speaker Boehner thinks. That what we all think. I think the president has a real failure in his leadership style…

Democrats Are Even Frustrated With Obama’s Refusal To Negotiate

BREAM: All through his presidency…even Democrats said that they weren't able to get face time or to sit down and have these conversations with the president when they thought it was important…  How can you now expect that he sits down with everybody, including the GOP…it would be change, a major change from the way he operates…

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: He's an aloof president. If there's one way to describe Obama is he's an aloof president who's a very good campaigner. That's him in a nutshell. Good at campaigning, terrible at leading as president of the United States. Doesn’t have the relationships, even on his own side. And now you're seeing over the weekend that Democrats are starting to vote with the Republicans in the House …Republicans in the House have to sit down with Democrats in the Senate and the Democrat president that we have in Barack Obama, and come up with a solution…



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