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ICYMI: RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day: “What Women Want: More Jobs, Stronger Economy”

- August 10, 2012

Excerpts from the Bradenton Herald


By: RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day

August 10, 2012 

"Over the last several months, the message that President Obama and his political allies have been sending to women in this country has become increasingly outrageous. Instead of bringing the country together to solve the grave economic challenges we all face, they've engaged in an effort to distract voters -- and women in particular -- with divisive rhetoric about issues like abortion and contraception... 

"For women especially, it's about pocketbook issues. It's about the reality that with unemployment at 8.3 percent -- and above 8 percent for an astonishing 42 months, the longest time period since the Great Depression -- too many women can't find the jobs they need to support their families. It's about the reality that with median incomes on the decline, too many women are struggling to shrink their family budgets so that they can keep their homes out of foreclosure and afford to put food on the table.

"President Obama doesn't understand that these are the challenges American women desperately need addressed. In fact, he thinks that his economic plan has "worked." But here in Florida and across the country, our economy certainly doesn't feel like it's on the way to recovery, let alone working... 

"Mitt Romney understands the issues that matter to women of all ages and backgrounds. And he will extend more than rhetorical promises to women..."

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