ICYMI: RNC Rising Stars on "Hannity"

RNC Communications - August 16, 2013

WASHINGTON — Last evening, Republican National Committee (RNC) Rising Stars, Oklahoma State House Speaker T.W. Shannon and Network of Enlightened Women Founder (NeW) Karin Agness, joined Sean Hannity on "Hannity" to discuss their efforts reaching out to communities across the nation to attract a wide range of voters. Their interview follows RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ debut of the Rising Stars program, which looks to spotlight and actively promote Republican individuals who are new voices in the party.

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SEAN HANNITY:  The RNC unveiled this Rising Stars program today shining the spotlight on the next generation of voices for the GOP. RNC Chair Reince Priebus created the program in an effort to attract a wider range of voters by promoting new Republican individuals and talent within the party. Joining me is two of the Rising Stars that were featured today in Boston…

HANNITY: Karin, what are the other issues that you think the party needs to be focused on in terms of they didn't do as well as they wanted in the last presidential election, what do you think they ought to be doing?

KARIN AGNESS: One of things the party needs to be doing is really targeting different groups and breaking them down into smaller segments. A lot of commentators will say women are a lost vote and we should not even pay attention to women. When you break down women into different segments, we can win different groups. For example, one of the groups that I am a big part of is the Network of Enlightened Women and we’ve have been able to reach college women across the country by really trying to meet young college women where they are on the campuses. We need to reach people where they are and not be afraid to break them into smaller segments…

HANNITY: …What do you think, Speaker?

SPEAKER T.W. SHANNON: I think this just goes to what is the challenge in this country. That's a lack of leadership coming out of Washington, D.C. I think if we're going to turn things around in this country, we have to look to the state level. You look at what we’ve done in Oklahoma the last couple years of lowering taxes, reforming workers compensation reform, putting the cap on bond indebtedness, balancing our budget each and every year. These are the things that are going to make this country great…


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