If Denial Were A Town In Nevada, Team Clinton Would Have Taken Up Residency

- August 25, 2016

Clinton Will Be Campaigning In Reno, Nevada Today. "Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will campaign in Reno on Thursday, according to the campaign. Clinton will appear at Truckee Meadows Community College campus on Dandini Boulevard." (Seth A. Richardson, "Time, Place Set For Clinton's Thursday Swing Through Reno," Reno Gazette-Journal, 8/24/16)


In An Interview With Jon Ralston Earlier This Week, Tim Kaine Went So Far As To Claim That No One Was Even Asking Him About The Clinton Foundation Scandal

Earlier This Week While Campaigning In Nevada, Tim Kaine Said It Was Appropriate For The Clinton Foundation To Accept Foreign Donations While She Was Secretary of State. RALSTON: "Was it appropriate for her to take those foreign donations while she was Secretary of State? KAINE: When you say for her to…she didn't." RALSTON: "For the Clinton Foundation to take it. Was it appropriate?" KAINE: "To do…to do the work that the foundation was doing sure. This is an organization that is battling to make that people have access to AIDS drugs that are critically important. This, every day this foundation is doing good things that is lightening people's burdens and the contribution of NGOs like the Clinton Foundation that is something really great that we do for the world and its an organization that does good work and it ought to be able to continue to do good work." ( KTNV Channel 13, 8/22/16)

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Kaine Also Claimed Nobody On The Campaign Trail Is Asking About Clinton Foundation. RALSTON: "But does it not…does it not smell to people when you have some bad actors bad foreign actors who've been shown to be bad foreign actors to be contributing to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State?" KAINE: "I I don't think it does because again of the work the Foundation is doing this humanitarian." RALSTON: "So that absolves it of everything?" KAINE: "I'm…look I'm campaigning everywhere and I was campaigning for months before I got added to the ticket and nobody is asking me about the foundation because people understand the work that the Foundation was doing. They're asking all kinds of issues but that's not an issue. And again it's because of the uh the good work the foundation does." RALSTON: "Are you calling me a nobody sir?" (KTNV Channel 13, 8/22/16)

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