Juan Williams' Son To Run GOP Outreach To African Americans, Youth

RNC Communications - April 2, 2013

WASHINGTON — A significant part of the Republican Party's future rests on the shoulders of Raffi Williams, the 24-year-old son of Fox News' Juan Williams.

Not long after RNC chair Reince Priebus admitted his party has been unable to appeal to the youth and minorities, Raffi Williams got the job of selling the GOP to youth outlets and the African-American press as a deputy press secretary.

He admits making young and black voters consider voting Republican is a tall order. But Williams told BuzzFeed a visible African-American media outreach program can reap political rewards for the GOP beyond the black vote.

"I think it's a slow process. If you expect us to get a ridiculous amount of African-Americans in the next election, that's not going to happen probably," he said. "But we can start to make inroads, and the more inclusive we are as a party, the better optics we get to other demographics as well — not just African-Americans — and that helps us in the long run."

Williams knows politics, having grown up in Washington, D.C., with a famous pundit for a dad. He's also a rising star in the GOP. In 2012, he worked for Michigan Rep. Dan Benishek's successful reelection campaign and served as deputy communications director for the conservative Republican Study Committee before joining the RNC just a couple weeks ago. Black Enterprise just named him one of "10 Black Republicans You Probably Don't Know But Should."

Freshly into his new job, Williams says he's still putting together his plan of attack, especially when it comes to finding a way into the minds of young voters.

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