Kaine’s Flip-Flop Hat Trick!

- August 4, 2016

On Abortion, Trade, And The Right To Work, Kaine Has Shifted Left To Meet His Left-Wing Running Mate And Party


  • Since Clinton put him on the Democrat ticket, Tim Kaine has been channeling his running mate's penchant for politically expedient flip flops with a hat trick of shifts to the left.
  • FLIP FLOP #1: Kaine backed off his support for Right to Work laws he once "strongly" supported.
  • FLIP FLOP #2: Kaine will now back Clinton's efforts to make taxpayers pay for abortions despite claiming he was "traditionally a supporter of the Hyde Amendment" and denying he is shifting positions.
  • FLIP FLOP #3: Kaine backed off his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership even though he once attacked opponents of the trade deal as losers.


In August 2016, Kaine Told The AFL-CIO Executive He Opposed Right To Work. "Tim Kaine told the AFL-CIO Executive Council on Wednesday that he opposed right to work, prompting AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka to tweet that Kaine 'reaffirmed his commitment 2 fight 4 working families & against bad laws like #righttowork.' That word 'reaffirmed' suggested Kaine previously opposed right-to-work. That's not quite right." (Marianne Levine and Cogan Schneier, "Kaine Flip Flops On Right-To-Work," Politico, 8/4/16)

Previously, Kaine "Strongly" Supported Right To Work

In 2006, Kaine Said He "Strongly Support[s]" The Right-To-Work Law. "House GOPers rejected Gov. Tim Kaine's (D) nominee for Commonwealth Sec., the 1st time a nominee has been rejected since the Cabinet system was created in the '70s. After the Senate unanimously approved ex-AFL-CIO Pres. Daniel LeBlanc, the House voted 55-42 'along party lines' to reject him. House GOPers feared LeBlanc's ties to unions and his opposition to VA's 59-year-old right-to-work law. Kaine 'said he has tried to be bipartisan, noting that' 2 ex-GOP Reps. 'serve in his Cabinet' and that 'he appointed' Marty Kilgore, wife of his GOV opponent ex-AG Jerry Kilgore (R), as VA Tobacco Settlement Foundation dir. (Bellantoni, Washington Times, 3/8). Kaine: 'The Secretary of the Commonwealth has no - I repeat, no - role in the enforcement of Virginia's right-to-work law, a law I strongly support.'" ("The Fly-By," The Hotline, 3/10/06)

  • "Kaine Has Supported Virginia's Right-To-Work Law Since He Ran For Governor In 2005, And His Campaign Says That Position Has Not Changed." (Ben Pershing, "As GOP Pounces, Kaine Weighs In On Boeing Labor Dispute," The Washington Post's Virginia Politics Blog, The Washington Post , Posted 6/29/11)
  • Kaine Found Himself Hamstrung When Supporting Progressive Labor Actions Given His Support For Virginia's Right To Work Law. "Perhaps no Democrat is put in a more uncomfortable position than Kaine. He can't speak against the board because he supported pro-union rallies in Wisconsin earlier this year as DNC chair. But he can't back the Machinists lawsuit either because he very publicly supported Virginia's right-to-work law when he governed the state." (Caitlin Huey-Burns, " Labor Battle At Center Of Virginia Senate Race ," Real Clear Politics, 7/7/11)


Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook Indicated Kaine Would Stand With Clinton To "Defend A Woman's Right To Choose, To Repeal The Hyde Amendment." CNN's JAKE TAPPER: "On the subject of Planned Parenthood and abortion rights, take a listen to Tim Kaine during a campaign. This is a radio ad from 2005." KAINE (AUDIO CLIP): "I support restrictions on abortion, parental consent for minors, a ban on partial-birth abortion, no public funding of abortions. Those are my values and that's what I believe." TAPPER: "Those are his values, at least in 2005. Those are not Secretary Clinton's values." MOOK: "Well, that - first of all, that was over 10 years ago. I think what's important is to look at his record in the Senate. He had a 100 percent voting record with Planned Parenthood and other -- the National Abortion Rights Action League as well. And he has said that he will stand with Secretary Clinton to defend a woman's right to choose, to repeal the Hyde amendment. So, you know, voters can be 100 percent confident that Tim Kaine is going to fight to protect a woman's right to choose." TAPPER: "So, his values have changed on that issue?" MOOK: "That was over 10 years ago. I can't, you know, comment on that ad, but voters can be 100 percent confident because of that 100 percent voting record with Planned Parenthood during his time in the Senate." (CNN's " State Of The Union," 7/24/16)

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Clinton Spokesman Jesse Ferguson And Kaine Spokeswoman Amy Dudley Also Confirmed Kaine's Private Support To Repeal The Hyde Amendment. "Democratic vice-presidential pick Tim Kaine has privately told nominee Hillary Clinton he will support repeal of the Hyde Amendment, a 1976 provision that bans the use of federal dollars for abortion services, Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson and Kaine spokeswoman Amy Dudley said Tuesday." (Sahil Kapur, "Clinton Running Mate Kaine Endorses Repeal Of Hyde Amendment On Abortion," Bloomberg , 7/26/16)

Kaine Recently Claimed He Was "Traditionally A Supporter Of The Hyde Amendment"

In A July 2016 Interview With The Weekly Standard Kaine Claimed He Has "Traditionally Been A Supporter Of The Hyde Amendment." "According to a draft released last week by the Democratic National Committee, the 2016 Democratic platform will for the first time explicitly call for unlimited taxpayer funding of elective abortions for Medicaid recipients. 'We will continue to oppose - and seek to overturn - federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman's access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment,' reads the draft of the Democratic platform. The Hyde amendment is a measure attached annually to legislation that prevents federal funding of abortion for Medicaid recipients except in cases when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. … Calling for the repeal of the Hyde amendment could put some pro-choice Democrats in an uncomfortable position. 'I haven't been informed of that change, but I'm going to check it out,' Virginia senator Tim Kaine, a potential running mate for Hillary Clinton, told TWS on Wednesday. 'I have traditionally been a supporter of the Hyde amendment, but I'll check it out.'" (John McCormack, "Democratic Senator Says Proposed Democratic Platform On Abortion Is 'Crazy,'" The Weekly Standard , 7/6/16)

In 2005, Kaine: "I Support Restrictions On Abortion, Parental Consent For Minors, A Ban On Partial Birth Abortion, No Public Funding Of Abortions. Those Are My Values, And That's What I Believe." TIM KAINE: "My Christian faith teaches life is sacred. I personally oppose abortion and the death penalty. But I take my oath of office as seriously as my marriage. I'll carry out a death sentence because that's the law. I support restrictions on abortion, parental consent for minors, a ban on partial birth abortion, no public funding of abortions. Those are my values, and that's what I believe." ("Weak," Kaine For Governor, 5/20/05)

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Kaine Continues To Insist His Position Hasn't Changed And Now Dodges Question On His Support For The Hyde Amendment

On July 29, 2016, Kaine Maintained His Opposition To Clinton's Push For Publicly Funded Abortions. CNN'S ALISYN CAMEROTA: "One more issues Senator, the Hyde Amendment that bans taxpayer funding for abortion, for or against it?" SEN. TIM KAINE (D-VA): "I have been for the Hyde Amendment and I have not changed my position on it." CAMEROTA: "Your still for it" SEN. KAINE "I have not changed my position on it." (Sen. Tim Kaine, CNN's New Day , 7/29/16)


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On July 31, 2016, Kaine Claimed He Never Had A Private Conversation With Mook And Co. Expressing Support For Repealing The Hyde Amendment Today. CNN'S JAKE TAPPER: "So I have to as you about your position about abortion because when you began your created you seemed pro-life, you said you were anti-abortion now you are not. And you've voted the way the Planed Parenthood and the aligned groups like that would like you to. Robbie Mook the Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton said that you have given the Campaign assurances that you are with Hillary Clinton when it comes to repealing the Hyde Amendment that bans federal funding." TIM KAINE (D-VA): "That is not accurate and I don't think Robbie has said that Jake. Here's, my voting position on abortion hasn't really changed. I am a Catholic and accept the churches teaching on this issue but I do not believe that the job of someone in public life is to say I am catholic. So my job is to make our laws is consistent with Catholic doctrine and to make everyone follow it. This is an important personal matter and I've always supported Roe V Wade. I think the last thing we need is a government that intrudes into the decision making of woman and men too. When it comes to matter of abortion rights contraception. On Hyde my position is the same I support the Hyde amendment. I haven't changed that. As the vice president I have to get comfortable with the notion that I can have my personal views but I'm going to support the president of the United States and I will." (Tim Kaine, State Of The Union, CNN, 7/31/16)


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In August 2016, Kaine Dodged Questions About Whether He Would Continue To Support The Hyde Amendment As Vice President. "After a campaign event in North Carolina on Wednesday, Kaine was asked by a tracker with the group America Rising how he would cast a tie-breaking vote on Hyde as vice president in the Senate. Kaine initially acknowledged the questioner and encouraged him to call him Tim, but immediately continued down the ropeline. The unanswered question remains a good one. Hopefully Kaine will answer it soon." (John McCormack, "Kaine Dodges Question about Repealing Hyde Amendment," The Weekly Standard, 8/4/16)


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Following His Selection As Clinton's Running Mate, Kaine Decided To Oppose The Trans-Pacific Partnership. "Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate, has gone on record saying he cannot support the Trans-Pacific Partnership in its current form- a stance calculated to make him more appealing to supporters of Bernie Sanders who revile the deal. Kaine spokeswoman Amy Dudley said Saturday that the Virginia Democrat shared his negative views on the trade deal with Clinton this week, confirming a report by The Washington Post. 'He agreed with her judgment that it fell short' when it came to protecting wages and national security, a Clinton aide reportedly told the newspaper." (Doug Palmer, "Kaine Comes Out Against Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal," Politico, 7/23/16)

Kaine Has Attacked Opponents Of Free Trade Agreements As Losers

Kaine Has Attacked Opponents Of Free Trade For Promoting A "Loser's Mentality." "Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine, parting with some fellow Democrats, said he's 'passionate' about strengthening global-trade ties and that those advocating protectionism have a 'loser's mentality.'" (Scott Lanman, "Virginia's Kaine Warns Democrats Protectionism Is A 'Loser,'" Bloomberg, 5/30/07)

  • In 2007, Kaine Attacked Opponents Of NAFTA And CAFTA, Saying "This Is Something I Feel Really Passionate About." "Without identifying him, Kaine cited the views of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who was quoted in the New York Times last year as saying of free-trade agreements: 'I was a critic of NAFTA, I was a critic of CAFTA and I'll be a critic of SHAFTA.' 'I always laugh when I hear that, but I really think that it's wrong,' Kaine said. 'This is something I feel really passionate about.'" (Scott Lanman, "Virginia's Kaine Warns Democrats Protectionism Is A 'Loser,'" Bloomberg, 5/30/07)
  • "Kaine, Whose Administration Has Made Three International-Trade Trips Since He Was Elected In 2005, Said Some State Skeptics Are Becoming Believers." "Kaine, whose administration has made three international-trade trips since he was elected in 2005, said some state skeptics are becoming believers. He cited spending on factories in Danville, Virginia, 266 miles southwest of Washington, by Swedish furniture retailer Ikea and India's Essel Propack Ltd., which makes toothpaste tubes." (Scott Lanman, "Virginia's Kaine Warns Democrats Protectionism Is A 'Loser,'" Bloomberg, 5/30/07)
  • As Governor Of Virginia, Kaine Submitted Letters Of Support For The Pending Free Trade Agreements With Peru, Panama, Colombia, And South Korea. "As Congress begins consideration of these agreements in the interest of advancing global trade, my Administration will participate in the discussion so that forthcoming Free Trade Agreements may continue to enhance Virginia's economy." (Sen. Tim Kaine, Letter To Secretary Of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez , 9/26/07)

Sen. Kaine Voted For Trade Promotion Authority. (H.R. 2146, Roll Call Vote #219: Adopted 60-38: R 47-5, D 13-31, I 0-2, 6/24/15, Kaine Voted Yay)

  • The TPA Vote "Greatly Increas[ed] Obama's Chances Of Concluding Negotiations On The TPP." "Fast-track, or trade promotion authority, will allow the White House to send trade deals to Congress for up-or-down votes. The Senate will not be able to filibuster them, and lawmakers will not have the power to amend them. The expedited process, which lasts until 2018 and can be extended until 2021, greatly increases Obama's chances of concluding negotiations on the TPP, which is a top goal of the president's." (Alexander Bolton, "Senate Approves Fast-Track, Sending Trade Bill To White House," The Hill, 6/24/15)

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