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Northern Mariana Islands Leadership

State Chairman

James Ada

National Committeewoman

Esther Fleming

Elected National Committeewoman for the Republican Party of the Northern Mariana Islands and currently works as the Executive Director for the CNMI Health Care Professions Licensing Board and Board of Professional Licensing.  Ms. Fleming previously worked as Special Assistant for Administration under two Republican Governors (Jan 2006 - March 2016) and have held several key positions in the Republican Party for the Northern Mariana Islands.

National Committeeman

Diego Benavente

Benavente was born on April 21, 1959 in Saipan.  Educated in Saipan, and upon graduating from Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School in 1977, he attended the College of Southern Idaho.

Benavente served as the Lieutenant Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, under former Governor Juan Babauta from January 14, 2002 to January 9, 2006.  First elected to the CNMI House of Representatives in 1989, Benavente served for six consecutive terms, including three terms as Speaker of the House.  He left the House to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2001.  Benavente was again elected to the CNMI House of Representatives in 2007.   He served as the Minority Leader, before retiring from the House in 2012.

As an elected official, Benavente was the Governor’s Representative of the Covenant Section 702 Negotiations and was appointed as the CNMI’s spokesman at the U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings.  He has served as the Chairman of the House Committee on Federal and Foreign Relations, was a member of the Association of Pacific Islands Legislatures, and was the chairman of the taskforce for the Pacific Islands Development Bank.  Benavente was chairman of the CNMI Water Task Force, Solid Waste Task Force, and has collaborated with leaders from the U.S., Japan, Korea, China, FSFM, Palau, and Guam.

Since leaving office, Benavente started a consulting firm, Benavente & Associates, Inc. and is the president of the company.  Benavente’s extensive background in local, regional and federal matters has enabled him to remain active on the political and regional stage by continuing to work in partnership with the CNMI Executive Branch and the Legislature, as well as heads of state throughout the Pacific region.

Executive Director

Jason Osborne

Mr. Osborne serves as the Executive Director of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands Republican Party and is a member of The Trailblazer Group, a full service political consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Since joining The Trailblazer Group, Mr. Osborne has been active not only in the U.S. for various clients, but also internationally. Mr. Osborne was the General Consultant/Campaign Manager for the past two successful gubernatorial campaigns in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and served as an advisor to the 2010 successful gubernatorial campaign of Governor Eddie Calvo (R-Guam).

Prior to joining the Trailblazer Group, Mr. Osborne was the Director of External Affairs for the 2012 Republican National Convention. Mr. Osborne was also the official liaison with the international community, including but not limited to the U.S. based foreign Ambassadors, International Democratic Union, the International Republican Institute, and other interested international political parties. Mr. Osborne also ran the Convention’s Page Program and managed the hundreds of professional volunteers that work on the convention.

Previously, Mr. Osborne was with the MITA Group in Washington D.C., the National Rifle Association and as a Legislative Assistant to former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK).


Ralph Anthony Deleon Guerrero Torres

Mr. Torres was sworn in as Lt. Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands on January 12, 2015. Following the death of incumbent Governor Eloy Inos, Torres ascended to the position of Governor on December 29, 2015. As Governor he serves as the Co-Chair of the Strategic Economic Development Council, which brings together public and private sector leaders to implement critical economic development policies. 

During his term as Lt. Governor he took a lead role in the CNMI’s Interagency “War on Ice” Task Force, which battled the rampant use of Crystal Methamphetamine by instituting a treatment network that worked in conjunction with the CNMI’s Drug Court. He also served as the Chairman of the Governor’s Special Commission on Economic Opportunity created to combat widespread poverty throughout the CNMI region by empowering low-income households with better access to services, affordable health care and gainful employment. 

Torres began his public service in 2008 when he was elected to the Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives. From 2008-2010 he served as Chairman of the Committee on Health and Welfare. In 2010 he was elected to the Senate. From 2010-2013 he served as Chairman of the Senate Standing Com-mittee on Health & Welfare and the Standing Committee on Resources, Economics. From 2013-2015 he served as Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Health & Welfare and the Standing Committee on Rules & Procedures. From February of 2013 to January 2015 he served as President of the Senate. 

Born on August 6, 1979, to parents Vicente Villagomez Torres (Dec.)/ Primitiva Concepcion Deleon Guer-rero, Governor Torres was raised on the island of Saipan until his family to Boise, Idaho where he attended high school. Governor Torres graduated in 2001 from Boise State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Prior to his public service, Governor Torres worked at his brother’s law firm, Torres Brothers Attorneys at Law, from 2004 until 2008. 

Governor Torres is married to Diann Mendiola Tudela, and they have six children; Ralph Anthony, Vaniqa Marie, Deon Titus, Tristan Dane, Divannie and Ryan Jayz Torres.

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