LIE #3: Jimmy Carter Says Obama Restored America’s Standing In The World

- September 4, 2012

THE LIE: Former President Jimmy Carter Says Obama Has Restored America's Standing In The World.

THE REALITY: New Polling Shows Global Opinion Of Obama's International Policies "Has Declined Dramatically Since 2009."

"Global Opinion Of President Barack Obama Has Declined Dramatically Since 2009." "Global opinion of President Barack Obama has declined dramatically since 2009, according to a new survey of the president and his policies in 21 countries. Approval of Obama's international policies has dropped from 78 percent to 63 percent in Europe; from 34 percent to 15 percent in Muslim Countries; from 40 percent to 22 percent in Russia; and from 57 percent to 27 percent in China, reports the Pew Global Attitudes Project." (Tim Mak, "World Poll: Chill On Obama Policies," Politico, 6/13/12)

  • Obama's Popularity Has "Universally Slid" Since His Election. " Obama was most popular just after winning the presidency and those numbers have almost universally slid since. Obama's popularity dropped by double digits in 29 countries between 2010 and 2011, but overall it dropped just two percentage points from a high of 49% in 2009." (Jay Newton-Small, "Obama About As Popular Abroad As He Is At Home," Time's "Swampland", 4/19/12)
  • "Confidence In Obama Specifically Has Declined Over The Past Three Years As Well," Especially In China, Mexico, And Muslim Countries. "Meanwhile, confidence in Obama specifically has declined over the past three years as well: down one percentage point in Russia, six in Europe, 9 in Muslim countries, 13 in Mexico, and 24 in China, according to Pew." (Tim Mak, "World Poll: Chill On Obama Policies," Politico, 6/13/12)
  • Obama's Effort To "Bolster The U.S. Image" In The Middle East "Has Been A Failure." "'Anyone who tells you otherwise, anyone who tells you that America is in decline or that our influence has waned, doesn't know what they're talking about. That's not the message we get from leaders around the world, all of whom are eager to work with us. That's not how people feel from Tokyo to Berlin; from Cape Town to Rio; where opinions of America are higher than they've been in years.' Obama's self-congratulatory tone aside, the most striking thing about this list is that it does not include any cities in the Islamic world. Obama had made a high-profile speech in Cairo in 2009 designed to bolster the U.S. image; judging by recent polling, his effort has been a failure." (Glenn Kessler, "Fact-Checking The 2012 State Of The Union Speech," The Washington Post's "Fact Checker" , 1/25/12)
  • In The Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Syria And Even Europe, Obama's Failure To Fulfill Lofty Promises Has Damaged U.S. Standing And Credibility. "Many add another failure, asking how a president who spoke so movingly about the plight of the Palestinians during his first trip to the Middle East in 2009, and who said he could imagine Palestinian statehood by 2011, seemed to abandon that cause in face of overwhelming opposition. Ask Pakistanis about the signature achievements of the Obama presidency, and they will launch into the subject of civilian casualties from drone strikes. Ask the Syrian opposition, and they will describe an America of double standards that enters wars when they are relatively easy, as in Libya, but ignores carnage when the solutions could put American lives at risk. Even the Europeans, who were so eager to see George Bush return to Texas, and who massed at the Brandenburg Gate to hear candidate Obama in 2008, now grumble that there was more hope than change." (David E. Sanger, Confront And Conceal, 2012, p. xvii-xviii)

66 Percent Of Americans Say That Barack Obama Has Either Made Things "Worse" Or "Not Made Much Difference" With Regards To America's Standing In The World, While Just 33 Percent Say He Has Made Things "Better." (NBC News/Wall Street Journal, 1000A, MoE 3.1%, 5/16-20/12)

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