Male African-American unemployment is over 50 percent among dropouts

RNC Communications - March 28, 2013

More than half of male African-American high school dropouts are unemployed, according to a new online analysis of unemployment data by Remapping Debate, a left-of-center news site in New York.

“This is an emergency, this is a catastrophe [but Washington is] not rating it as a catastrophe,” said the site’s editor, Craig Gurian, told The Daily Caller.

The rate is “unbelievable, it is unbelievable,” said a Republican Senate staff member.

The online data shows the unemployment rates for 270 subgroups of Americans.

White men with a university degree have the lowest level of unemployment, at only 2.9 percent, when averaged over the last year, according to the analysis.

The group with the highest average unemployment rate are young male African-American high school dropouts, at 51.4 percent.

The unemployment rate for all male and female African-American dropouts is 30 percent, said the report.

But African-Americans who graduated from high-school did little better. Their 12-month unemployment rate is 26 percent.

Those rates do not include people who have given up looking for work or part-time workers who want full-time jobs, said Gurian.

In contrast, the national employment rate for younger college grads of all types is 7.1 percent.

The database was released as progressive activists and corporations push for passage of a new immigration bill that would allow companies to bring in more unskilled and professional foreign workers, provide work permits to 11 million illegal immigrants that are already in the country, and also allow those immigrants to win visas for members of their extended family.

The top leaders of most African-American advocacy groups, including the NAACP and the Urban League, have lined up with other progressive leaders — led by President Barack Obama — to support the proposed immigration reforms.

According to multiple economic analyses offered by advocates and opponents of large-scale immigration, the inflow of foreign workers hits low-skilled Americans hardest.

In contrast, wealthier Americans gain from cheap labor as reduce the price of labor-intensive personal services, such as gardening and daycare, and by increasing the value of company stocks.

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