Obama And Markey: Bad For Massachusetts

- June 12, 2013

As Obama Heads To Massachusetts To Drag Congressman Ed Markey Across The Finish Line, Voters Should Examine How Obama And Markey’s Shared Policies Hurt Massachusetts Families


Markey Voted In Favor Of Obamacare, Which Includes A Tax On Medical Devices. (H.R. 3962, Vote #887, Passed 220-215, R: 1-176; D 219-39, Markey Voted Yay, 11/7/09)

In June 2012, Markey Voted Against Repealing The Medical Device Tax. "Passage of the bill that would repeal an excise tax of 2.3 percent on medical devices created under the 2010 health care overhaul. It also would repeal the overhaul law's restrictions on using tax-preferred accounts to pay for over-the-counter drugs and allow individuals to recoup up to $500 of unused funds that are left in their flexible-spending arrangements (FSAs) after the end of a plan year. It also would make individuals who receive subsidies to help buy coverage in the state insurance exchanges liable for the full amount of any overpayments." (H.R. 436, Roll Call Vote #361, Passed 270-146: R:233-0; D 37-146, 6/7/12, Markey Voted Nay)

Markey Hasn't Signed On To The "Protect Medical Innovation Act" - A Bipartisan Bill To Repeal The Medical Device Tax, Supported By Massachusetts Reps. Capuano, Keating, Kennedy, Lynch And Tsongas. (H.R. 523, Introduced 2/6/13)

The Medical Device Tax Could Jeopardize About 43,000 Jobs Nationwide. "Lobbyists for medical device makers say implementation of the tax could jeopardize about 43,000 jobs nationwide in a $64.7 billion industry. They say companies have shed about 6,000 jobs in the past year, some in anticipation of the tax, while others might scuttle expansion plans or cut back on research that can lead to medical breakthroughs." (Bob Salsberg, "Medical Device Makers: Jan. 1 Tax Could Cost Jobs," The Associated Press , 12/28/12)

Massachusetts Is The Nation's Second-Largest Medical Device Producer Behind California. "In Massachusetts, the nation's second-largest medical device producer behind California, the repeal effort has been embraced by Democrats who are otherwise avid backers of the federal health care law." (Bob Salsberg, "Medical Device Makers: Jan. 1 Tax Could Cost Jobs," The Associated Press , 12/28/12)

Medical Device Companies Employ Nearly 24,000 People In Massachusetts, Who Earn An Average Salary Of $66,787. "Medical device companies employ nearly 24,000 people in Massachusetts, who earn an average salary of $66,787, according to research by the Advanced Medical Technology Association, a national industry group." (Bob Salsberg, "Medical Device Makers: Jan. 1 Tax Could Cost Jobs," The Associated Press , 12/28/12)


Obama Has Dragged His Feet On Approving The Job-Creating Keystone Pipeline

President Obama Has Refused To Allow Construction Of The Keystone Pipeline. "The U.S. State Department must issue a so-called presidential permit to allow the pipeline to proceed because it would cross an international border. Last year, Obama denied a permit for Keystone XL, citing concerns it may be a threat to the ecologically sensitive Sand Hills region in Nebraska. Obama said he would decide on the pipeline this year, Republican North Dakota Senator and Keystone XL supporter John Hoeven said in March, after a meeting with the president and other Republican lawmakers." (Rebecca Penty, Andrew Mayeda and Derek Wallbank, "Keystone Lobby Works on Democrats to Win Obama: Corporate Canada," Bloomberg, 5/21/13)

The Keystone Pipeline Would Help Support Thousands Of Jobs. "Including direct, indirect, and induced effects, the proposed Project would potentially support approximately 42,100 average annual jobs across the United States over a 1-to 2-year construction period (of which, approximately 3,900 would be directly employed in construction activities). This employment would potentially translate to approximately $2.05 billion in earnings. ("Keystone XL Project Draft Supplemental EIS Executive Summary," United States Department of State, 3/13, p.14)

Ed Markey Hopes He NEVER Approves Keystone

In 2012, Markey Voted THREE Times Against Approving The Keystone Pipeline. (H.R. 4348, Roll Call Vote #292, Adopted 261-152: R 235-1; D 26-151, 5/18/12, Markey Voted Nay; H.R. 4348, Roll Call Vote #170, Passed 293-127: R 224-14; D 69-133, 4/18/12, Markey Voted Nay; H.R. 3408, Roll Call Vote #71, Passed 237-187: R 216-21; D 21-166, 2/16/12, Markey Voted Nay)

California Billionaire Tom Steyer, Who Opposes Keystone, Spent $630,000 Supporting Markey In His Primary Against Rep. Steven Lynch. "Steyer, who backed Representative Ed Markey, publicly demanded that Markey's opponent, Representative Steve Lynch, disavow his support for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline or face the wrath of Steyer's checkbook. Lynch didn't back down, but he didn't win the primary race, either. Steyer-who, an aide told me, spent $630,000 on the race-probably wasn't much of a factor because Markey won handily." (Joshua Green, "Tom Steyer, Climate-Change Batman," Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/7/13)


Obama Has Repeatedly Raised Taxes On Hardworking Families

Obama Demanded $600 Billion In Tax Increases On The Upper Income Tax Brackets As Part Of The Deal Averting The Fiscal Cliff. "Congress averted that self-built precipice late Tuesday when the House voted to stave off widespread tax increases and deep spending cuts by accepting a brokered Senate compromise. It makes permanent the Bush administration's tax cuts for individuals earning less than $400,000 per year and couples earning less than $450,000. It raises rates on those who make more than that from 35% to 39.6%, bringing back a top tax bracket from the Clinton administration, and will raise roughly $600 billion in new revenues over 10 years, according to various estimates." (Matt Smith, "Obama Signs Bill Warding Off Fiscal Cliff," CNN, 3/1/13)

Obama Pays For His Government Takeover Of Health Care With $829.3 Billion In Job-Killing Taxes On Small Businesses, Investments And Innovation. ("Updated Estimates For The Insurance Coverage Provisions Of The Affordable Care Act," Congressional Budget Office, 3/12; "Estimated Revenue Effects Of A Proposal To Repeal Certain Tax Provisions Contained In The 'Affordable Care Act,'" Joint Committee On Taxation, 6/15/12; "Estimate Of The Effects Of The Affordable Care Act On Health Insurance Coverage," Congressional Budget Office , 5/14/13)

Obama's Proposed Budget For FY2014 Would Lead To The Highest Federal Tax Rate In 40 Years. "The real story here is that Obama's tax plan is both aggressive and progressive. Total effective tax rates, which hit a 30-year low of 17% in 2009, are on track to break 24% in 2023. That would be the highest share of the U.S. economy going to Washington since the 1970s." (Derek Thompson, "Obama's Budget Would Lead To The Highest Federal Tax Rate In 4 Decades," The Atlantic , 4/23/13)

But He's Got Nothing On Ed Markey

Markey Has Voted To Raise Taxes 271 Times Since Becoming A Congressman In 1977. "Gomez accused Markey of voting for higher taxes 271 times, a number Gomez's campaign said came from roll call votes between 1977, the first full year Markey served in Congress, and 2013. For example, the Gomez campaign pointed out that Markey opposed the tax cuts implemented by Republican President George W. Bush in 2001 and 2003; voted against a 2001 doubling of the child tax credit; and voted for a 1993 federal gas tax increase. (Shira Schoenberg, "U.S. Senate Candidates Gabriel Gomez, Ed Markey Spar Over Tax Policy," Springfield Republican, 5/28/13)

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