McAuliffe & O’Malley: Two Peas In A Pod

- July 10, 2013

Terry McAuliffe Is Raising Money With Fellow Obama Cheerleader Martin O'Malley

Tonight, Terry McAuliffe Is Raising Money With Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. "Martin O'Malley and his number-two, Anthony Brown, are joined by Maryland Senate President Mike Miller host a fundraiser for human AdderallTerry McAuliffe. [Home of Ambassador & Mrs. Thomas Siebert, Annapolis, MD]" ("Huffpost Hill - Foooood Fiiiiight!!!!" Huffington Post, 7/9/13)


McAuliffe And O'Malley Both Support The ObamaCare Train Wreck

O'Malley Celebrated The Passage Of ObamaCare. "Under President Obama's leadership, finally, we will begin to control the rising cost of healthcare in America, improve the ability of all Americans to take their children to a doctor, and put the American people back in control of their healthcare decisions." (Governor Martin O'Malley, "Statement From Governor Martin O'Malley Following The Passage Of Health Care Reform" Press Release , 3/22/10)

  • O'Malley Hailed The Supreme Court's Decision Upholding ObamaCare In 2012. "Today's decision gives considerable momentum to our health care reform efforts here in Maryland. What it does not - and indeed must not - do, is give us license to take our eye off the ball or slow our progress. Moms, dads, and kids throughout Maryland are counting on their elected leaders to continue the mission of lowering costs, and improving the quality of care. We remain as committed as ever to moving forward on behalf of our families. We must move forward, not back." (Governor Martin'OMalley and Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, "Joint Statement From Governor Martin O'Malley And Lt. Governor Anthony Brown On U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On Affordable Care Act," Press Release, 6/28/12)

McAuliffe Supported The Passage Of ObamaCare. MCAULIFFE: "President Obama went in, dealt with healthcare; passed it. It was tough. We may not have agreed with all parts of it. We didn't get everything we wanted. I happen to have been a big supporter of the public option, but you know what? We are better off today than we were before." ("Terry McAuliffe Rallies The Arlington Young Dems," Moran For Congress, Uploaded 10/22/10)

  • McAuliffe Even Supported The "Public Option." " I happen to have been a big supporter of the public option, but you know what? We are better off today than we were before." ("Terry McAuliffe Rallies The Arlington Young Dems," Moran For Congress, Uploaded 10/22/10)

Obama Pays For His Government Takeover Of Health Care With $829.3 Billion In Job-Killing Taxes On Small Businesses, Investments And Innovation. ("Updated Estimates For The Insurance Coverage Provisions Of The Affordable Care Act," Congressional Budget Office, 3/12; "Estimated Revenue Effects Of A Proposal To Repeal Certain Tax Provisions Contained In The 'Affordable Care Act,'" Joint Committee On Taxation, 6/15/12; "Estimate Of The Effects Of The Affordable Care Act On Health Insurance Coverage," Congressional Budget Office , 5/14/13)

The Nonpartisan Society Of Actuaries Found That Individual Health Insurance Costs Will Increase By 28.4 Percent In Virginia And 66.6% Percent In Maryland Due To ObamaCare. ("Cost Of The Future Newly Insured Under The Affordable Care Act, Society Of Actuaries, March 2013)

"Forty-Eight Percent Of U.S. Small-Business Owners Say" That ObamaCare "Is Going To Be Bad For Their Business." "Forty-eight percent of U.S. small-business owners say the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) is going to be bad for their business, compared with 9% who say it is going to be good, and 39% who expect no impact." (Dennis Jacobe, "Half of U.S. Small Businesses Think Health Law Bad for Them," Gallup , 5/10/13; Gallup, 603 SBO, MoE 4%, 4/1-5/13)

McAuliffe And O'Malley Have Both Joined Obama In His War On Coal

O'Malley Praised Obama's Proposed Job-Killing Climate Regulations. "Climate change is real. We in Maryland applaud the vision that President Obama offered to the American people today. By targeting the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions, President Obama is moving the United States in the right direction toward strongly emphasizing renewable energy, improving air quality for our vulnerable populations, and mitigating the effects of severe weather events and flooding on our coastlines and low-lying areas. We are committed to partnering with him so that together, we can make the better choices these times demand." (Press Release, "Statement from Governor Martin O'Malley on President Obama's Climate Action Plan," Governor Martin O'Malley, 6/25/13)

Terry McAuliffe Is On Record Declaring "We Have Got To Move Past Coal. As Governor, I Never Want Another Coal Plant Built." (Terry McAuliffe, Democratic Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Debate, Blacksburg, VA, 4/29/09)

A Study By The American Action Forum Found That Obama's Climate Plan "Will Affect More Than 37,000 Employees And Regulate A Variety Of Industries." "Today, President Obama will call for greenhouse gas (GHG) limits on existing stationary sources. Examining the largest sources in the U.S., the American Action Forum (AAF) estimates such a proposal will affect more than 37,000 employees and regulate a variety of industries." (" Implications Of Regulating Existing Greenhouse Gas Sources ," American Action Forum 6/24/13)

  • AAF Study: "With More Than 37,000 Employees At These Facilities Across The Nation, A Significant Regulatory Action Could Result In Displaced Workers." "With more than 37,000 employees at these facilities across the nation, a significant regulatory action could result in displaced workers. Since it is unlikely EPA would promulgate a rule that shuts down a major refinery or steel mill, coal plants are once again under the regulatory microscope." (" Implications Of Regulating Existing Greenhouse Gas Sources ," American Action Forum 6/24/13)

The Coal Industry Directly And Indirectly Supports 45,210 Jobs In Virginia. (Coal In Virginia, National Mining Association)

Coal Jobs Contributed $3.4 Billion In Wages To Virginia Workers In 2011. (Coal In Virginia, National Mining Association)

  • Annual Average Wage In The Coal Industry In Southwest Virginia Is More Than Twice The Average For All Industries. "[T]he coal industry paid an annual average wage of $84,978 in the region compared to the $34,757 for all industries in 2010 (the latest full year of data). Consequently, the coal industry directly accounted for 12.8% of total wages and salaries in Southwest Virginia." ("The Economic Impact Of The Coal Industry In Virginia," Chmura Economics & Analytics, 1/18/12)

Coal Contributed $2.5 Billion To Virginia's Economy In 2011. ("U.S. Coal Exports: National and State Economic Contributions," Ernst & Young, 5/13, Table 6)

  • The Coal Industry Produced 18.7% Of The Total Economic Output In Southwest Virginia In 2010. "Based on direct, indirect, and induced impacts, the coal industry produced 18.7% of the total economic output in Southwest Virginia and supported 8.9% of the regional employment in 2010." ("The Economic Impact Of The Coal Industry In Virginia," Chmura Economics & Analytics, 1/18/12)

Coal-Fired Power Plants Produced 1,066,000 Mega Watt Hours Of Electricity In Virginia In April Of 2013. (Electric Power Monthly, April 2013, U.S. Energy Information Administration, 6/21/13, Table 1.7.A. Net Generation From Coal)

  • Coal Accounted For 20% Of The 5,199,000 Mega Watt Hours Of Electricity Generated In Virginia In April Of 2013. (Electric Power Monthly: April 2013, U.S. Energy Information Administration, 6/21/13, Table 1.6.A. Net Generation)

McAuliffe And O'Malley Both Have Sided With Obama's Obstruction Of Offshore Drilling Off Virginia's Coast

The Obama Administration Has Blocked Offshore Oil Drilling Off Virginia's Coast Through 2017. "Virginia's Democratic Senate duo is at odds with President Obama over offshore oil and gas drilling. They're pushing a new bill to open their state's coastline to leasing, which would upend Interior Department plans that keep the Atlantic Coast off-limits until 2017 at the earliest." (Ben Geman, "Virginia's Dem senators press for Atlantic offshore drilling," The Hill, 5/22/13)

In 2010, O'Malley Opposed Virginia's Plan To Pursue Offshore Oil Exploration. "Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley on Friday offered his most direct criticism yet of Virginia's plan to pursue offshore drilling near the Chesapeake Bay, saying, 'I can't imagine anybody actually wanting to go forward with that now, given the disaster we're now coping with as a nation in the Gulf of Mexico.' (Aaron C Davis, "O'Malley: 'Can't imagine anybody' wants Va. offshore drilling," The Washington Post, 5/21/10)

  • O'Malley: "I Would Be Opposed To Any Drilling Off The Chesapeake Bay ." (Aaron C Davis, "O'Malley: 'Can't Imagine Anybody' Wants Va. Offshore Drilling,"The Washington Post, 5/21/10)

In 2011, McAuliffe Said He Opposed Offshore Oil Drilling And Sneered That "It Will Not Create One Job." "'Oil drilling. You can talk about it. We don't make a penny on it here in Virginia. It will not create one job,' [McAuliffe] said during a June 2011 episode of Reston Impact, a Northern Virginia cable television program. 'There's no new technologies in oil drilling, unlike wind farms ...'" (Julian Walker, "McAuliffe Once Dismissed Offshore Technology He Now Touts," Virginian Pilot, 6/04/13)

  • Offshore Drilling Would Generate $19.5 Billion In Government Revenues And 1,900 Jobs For Virginians. "If the sale is allowed to proceed as planned, the commonwealth can be the first state along the Atlantic coast granted access to its offshore energy resources. Offshore development would generate nearly $19.5 billion in revenues to federal, state, and local governments, according to a study by ICF International. If development is permitted by the federal government in the previously off-limits and studied areas of the Outer Continental Shelf, employment supported by the oil and natural gas industry in Virginia, already 143,000 jobs, would grow by another 1,900, a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study found." (Charles Stenholm, "Chance To Be No. 1 - Again," Richmond Times Dispatch, 12/9/09)

McAuliffe And O'Malley Share Obama's Desire For Higher Taxes On Job Creators

"Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley Has Approved 40 New And Increased Taxes And Fees Since He Took Office In 2007 That Are Projected To Cost Marylanders $9.5 Billion Through Fiscal 2014." (Andy Brownfield, "Gov. Martin O'Malley Rings Up $9.5 Billion In New Taxes," The Washington Examiner, 6/11/13)

In A 2009 Debate, McAuliffe Said He Disagreed With Governor Kaine On Ending The Estate Tax. THE HUFFINGTON POST's NICO PITNEY: "Thanks. We've already heard several references to independence. We know Virginia has a history of iconoclastic political figures. All three of you support Governor Kaine on a wide range of issues. Can you each name one significant policy disagreement that you've had with the Governor, not including this gun issue, which we just discussed." MCAULIFFE: "He ended the estate tax. I wouldn't have done that. You know, listen, I agree with Governor Kaine on a lot of things, but I think at this time, I had a difference with him as it related to the estate tax." (Terry McAuliffe, Remarks At A Democratic Primary Debate, Blacksburg, VA, 4/29/09)

In 2012, McAuliffe Supported Eliminating The Bush Tax Cuts For Families Making Over $250,000 And Individuals Making Over $200,000. "McAuliffe argued in favor of the tax proposal that President Barack Obama advocated on Monday: extending Bush-era tax cuts for families making up to $250,000 and individuals earning up to $200,000, while letting the tax cuts for earners above that benchmark expire at the end of this year. Republicans have advocated extending the tax cuts for all, but Democrats say that is too expensive. 'The point is, let's get those who are making $250,000 or less - which are 98% of the population - let's go ahead. Republicans, Democrats agree that they ought to keep the tax cuts,' he said. 'Let's just do that; get it off the table. The issue of the top 2% is much more contentious. It's probably not going to be done before the election. It's going to be a big fight, but let's take care of the 98%.'" ("Barbour: If In Romney's Position, I Would Release Tax Docs," CNN's Political Ticker, 7/10/12)

  • In 2003, McAuliffe Called Bush's Tax Plan "Misguided." "As President Bush travels to Omaha today to promote his misguided tax cut plan, over 300 local workers will go without pay at the Omaha factory where Bush's speech will occur. The President is costing workers in Omaha $130 in a day's pay - more than what tens of thousands of Nebraska's working families will receive under the Bush tax scheme he's there to promote. From their deep pockets, the Republican National Committee should pay the salaries of those workers who are losing out today. The American public should not be forced to keep paying for these campaign commercials for President Bush's bid for re- election." (Press Release, "Statement On Bush's Photo-Op Costing Workers A Day Of Pay," Democrat National Committee, 5/12/03)

Obama's Income Tax Hike Raised The Top Tax Bracket To 39.6 Percent For Taxable Income Above $400,000, Raised The Long-Term Capital Gains Tax Rate To 20 Percent For Taxpayers In The Top Tax Bracket, And Increased The Estate Tax Rate To 40 Percent. "Relative to current policy, ATRA: Creates a 39.6 percent tax bracket for taxable income above $400,000 ($450,000 for married taxpayers filing jointly); indexed for inflation after 2013; Reinstates PEP and Pease for taxpayers with AGI above $250,000 ($300,000 for married taxpayers filing jointly); indexed for inflation after 2013; Taxes long-term capital gains and qualified dividends at a 20 percent rate for taxpayers in the top income tax bracket; Increases the estate tax rate to 40 percent; Provides a more generous AMT patch in 2013 than in S.3413." ("Tax Policy Center Analysis Of The American Taxpayer Relief Act," Tax Policy Center, Accessed 2/27/13)

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