McAuliffe/Northam: Bad For Virginia Families On Either Side Of The Ticket

- June 12, 2013


In His Failed 2009 Campaign, McAuliffe Wrote That He Favored Putting "All Potential Revenue Options" On The Table. "As I have said repeatedly throughout this campaign, any serious conversation about transportation issues in Virginia must begin with an honest conversation about revenues. By this, I mean that all potential revenue options (even unpopular ones) must be on the table." (Terry McAulif fe For Governor, Business Plan For Virginia, "Chapter Five: Planning Virginia's Transportation Systems To Support Economic Development And Quality Of Life In The Commonwealth," p. 20)

In A 2009 Debate, McAuliffe Said He Disagreed With Governor Kaine On Ending The Estate Tax. "THE HUFFINGTON POST's NICO PITNEY: "Thanks. We've already heard several references to independence. We know Virginia has a history of iconoclastic political figures. All three of you support Governor Kaine on a wide range of issues. Can you each name one significant policy disagreement that you've had with the Governor, not including this gun issue, which we just discussed." MCAULIFFE: "He ended the estate tax. I wouldn't have done that. You know, listen, I agree with Governor Kaine on a lot of things, but I think at this time, I had a difference with him as it related to the estate tax." (Terry McAuliffe, Remarks At A Democratic Primary Debate, Blacksburg, VA, 4/29/09)

In 2012, McAuliffe Supported Eliminating The Bush Tax Cuts For Families Making Over $250,000 And Individuals Making Over $200,000. "McAuliffe argued in favor of the tax proposal that President Barack Obama advocated on Monday: extending Bush-era tax cuts for families making up to $250,000 and individuals earning up to $200,000, while letting the tax cuts for earners above that benchmark expire at the end of this year. Republicans have advocated extending the tax cuts for all, but Democrats say that is too expensive. 'The point is, let's get those who are making $250,000 or less - which are 98% of the population - let's go ahead. Republicans, Democrats agree that they ought to keep the tax cuts,' he said. 'Let's just do that; get it off the table. The issue of the top 2% is much more contentious. It's probably not going to be done before the election. It's going to be a big fight, but let's take care of the 98%.'" ("Barbour: If In Romney's Poisition, I Would Release Tax Docs," CNN, 7/10/12)

McAuliffe Said It Would Be "Fiscally Irresponsible" To Promise Not To Raise Taxes. "McAuliffe said he would hope to get through his four years as governor without raising taxes but said it would be fiscally irresponsible to promise not to do so." (Tyler Whitley, "Governor Candidates Seek Support Of Technology Leaders," Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/4/09)


In 2008, Northam Voted To Raise Taxes By $1 Billion A Year. "In a 21-16 vote , the Democratic-controlled Senate vote approved a package that would raise about $1 billion annually…Voting "yes": Sens. Mamie Locke, D-Hampton; Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth; Yvonne Miller, D-Norfolk; and Ralph Northam, D-Norfolk. Voting "no:" Sens. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach; and Ken Stolle, R-Virginia Beach. Not voting: Sens. Harry Blevins, R-Chesapeake, and Fred Quayle, R-Suffolk." (Julian Walker, "VA Senate Passes Gradual 6-Cent Gas Tax Increase," The Virginian-Pilot, 6/26/08)

Tax Increases Approved By Northam Include:

A Six Cent Per Gallon Increase On Gas. "Saslaw's plan includes a statewide penny-on-the-gallon increase in the gas tax in each of the next six years, increasing the tax on auto sales to 3.5 percent from 3 percent, and raising to 5.25 percent from 5 percent the state sales tax." (Julian Walker, "VA Senate Passes Gradual 6-Cent Gas Tax Increase," The Virginian-Pilot, 6/26/08)

Raised The Auto Sales Tax And Statewide Sales Tax. "Saslaw's plan includes a statewide penny-on-the-gallon increase in the gas tax in each of the next six years, increasing the tax on auto sales to 3.5 percent from 3 percent, and raising to 5.25 percent from 5 percent the state sales tax." (Julian Walker, "VA Senate Passes Gradual 6-Cent Gas Tax Increase," The Virginian-Pilot, 6/26/08)

Raised The Regional Sales Tax And Instituted A Wholesale Gas Tax On The Hampton Roads Region. "Saslaw's plan also would raise $221 million annually for local projects in Hampton Roads by installing an extra regional penny-on-the-dollar sales tax and a 1 percent wholesale gas tax increase." (Julian Walker, "VA Senate Passes Gradual 6-Cent Gas Tax Increase," The Virginian-Pilot, 6/26/08)

Raised The Regional Sales Tax, Raised Taxes On People Selling Their Homes, Instituted A $5 Per Night Hotel Room Tax. "In Northern Virginia, his plan would generate about $335 million through increases to a regional sales tax, a higher grantors tax rate on real estate sales and a $5 per night hotel room tax. (Julian Walker, "VA Senate Passes Gradual 6-Cent Gas Tax Increase," The Virginian-Pilot, 6/26/08)


McAuliffe Was Against Offshore Oil Drilling Before He Was For It

As Late As 2011, McAuliffe Opposed Offshore Oil Drilling And Sneered That "It Will Not Create One Job." "'Oil drilling. You can talk about it. We don't make a penny on it here in Virginia. It will not create one job,' [McAuliffe] said during a June 2011 episode of Reston Impact, a Northern Virginia cable television program. 'There's no new technologies in oil drilling, unlike wind farms ...'" (Julian Walker, McAuliffe Once Dismissed Offshore Technology He Now Touts, Virginian Pilot, 06/04/13)

McAuliffe Has Since Flip-Flopped, Saying He Supports Offshore Oil Drilling. "Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe now supports exploring for oil off the coast of Virginia, reversing his position on an issue that both sides of the debate consider to be crucial to the commonwealth's long-term energy future." (Ben Pershing, "Terry Mcauliffe Reverses Course, Backs Bill To Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia Coast," Washington Post, 5/22/13)

Politifact Rated McAuliffe's Reversal A "Full-Flop." "McAuliffe has clearly shifted on offshore oil drilling. We rate it a Full Flop." ("McAuliffe Flip-Flops On Offshore Oil Drilling," Politifact, 6/3/13)

Northam Has Been Consistent On Offshore Drilling - He's Against It

Northam Is Opposed To Offshore Oil Drilling. "Northam reiterated his opposition to offshore drilling and uranium mining in Southside Virginia." (Errin Whack, "Lieutenant Governor Hopefuls Address Hot Topics," Washington Post , 6/3/13)

Offshore Drilling Would Generate $19.5 Billion In Government Revenues And 1,900 Jobs For Virginians. "If the sale is allowed to proceed as planned, the commonwealth can be the first state along the Atlantic coast granted access to its offshore energy resources. Offshore development would generate nearly $19.5 billion in revenues to federal, state, and local governments, according to a study by ICF International. If development is permitted by the federal government in the previously off-limits and studied areas of the Outer Continental Shelf, employment supported by the oil and natural gas industry in Virginia, already 143,000 jobs, would grow by another 1,900, a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study found." (Charles Stenholm, "Chance to Be No. 1 - Again," Richmond Times Dispatch, 12/9/09)


Unions Have Big Hopes For Terry McAuliffe

Unions Contributed Over $740,000 To McAuliffe's 2009 Gubernatorial Campaign. (Virginia Public Access Project, Accessed 6/10/13)

  • The American Federation Of State County And Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Was McAuliffe's Largest Single Contributor In 2009, Contributing $582,709. (Virginia Public Access Project, Accessed 6/10/13)

Unions Have Already Contributed Over $600,000 To McAuliffe's 2013 Gubernatorial Campaign. (Virginia Public Access Project, Accessed 6/10/13)

McAuliffe Has Given Them Reason To Hope

McAuliffe Said He Would Support Giving Public Safety Entities Collective Bargaining Rights In Virginia. " MODERATOR: 'Police and firefighters in Virginia don't have the rights that other union members do to meet and confer... would you support as governor giving public safety entities - police, sheriff, and fire - collective bargaining rights in Virginia?' McAULIFFE: '…I would definitely sign collective bargaining, and I have said from day one we need to have meet and confer.' (Democratic Candidate Gubernatorial Debate, Virginia Tech, 4/29/09)

McAuliffe Refused To Say Whether Or Not He Supported The Employee Free Choice Act, Or Card-Check. "McAuliffe was not as forthcoming when asked if he supported Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's proposal to double the tax cigarettes… Nor would he say whether he supports the Employee Free Choice Act, federal legislation that could profoundly affect right-to-work states such as Virginia. The bill would boost union membership by having employees sign union cards to form unions instead of holding secret ballot elections, a measure business and industry groups vehemently oppose." (Bob Lewis, "Ex-DNC Chair Opens Gov's Race, Says Will Forgo Pay," Associated Press, 1/7/09)

And The Unions Know They Can Count On Ralph Northam

Northam Has Repeatedly Voted Against Making "Right To Work" A Constitutional Right In Virginia. (SJ 323, Left In Privileges and Elections Committee, 1/18/11; HJ 500, Left In Privileges and Elections Committee, 2/22/11, HJ 536, 2/15/13, Northam Voted Nay)

Northam Blocked An Amendment To Virginia's Constitution Guaranteeing Workers' Right To A Secret Ballot In Union Elections. (SJ 301, Left In Privileges and Elections Committee, 1/18/11)

Northam Voted Against Legislation Abolishing Mandatory Project Labor Agreements For State Funded Projects. (HB33, Passed, 2/23/12, Northam Voted Nay)


McAuliffe And Northam Are Both Big Fans Of ObamaCare, Despite Its Massive Tax Hikes And Cuts In Care For Seniors

McAuliffe Supported The Passage Of ObamaCare. MCAULIFFE: "President Obama went in, dealt with healthcare; passed it. It was tough. We may not have agreed with all parts of it. We didn't get everything we wanted. I happen to have been a big supporter of the public option, but you know what? We are better off today than we were before." ("Terry McAuliffe Rallies The Arlington Young Dems," Moran For Congress, Uploaded 10/22/10)

Ralph Northam Supports ObamaCare And Calls It A "Huge Step In The Right Direction." "As a practicing physician, I congratulate President Obama for his leadership on the Affordable Care Act, and I am proud that I voted against efforts to block the Act's implementation in Virginia. Our health care system was broken, and President Obama has taken a huge step in the right direction toward providing access to high quality, affordable health care for all Americans." (Northam For Lt. Governor Website,, Accessed 6/11/13)

  • Obama Pays For His Government Takeover Of Health Care With $829.3 Billion In Job-Killing Taxes On Small Businesses, Investments And Innovation. ("Updated Estimates For The Insurance Coverage Provisions Of The Affordable Care Act," Congressional Budget Office, 3/12; "Estimated Revenue Effects Of A Proposal To Repeal Certain Tax Provisions Contained In The 'Affordable Care Act,'" Joint Committee On Taxation, 6/15/12; "Estimate Of The Effects Of The Affordable Care Act On Health Insurance Coverage," Congressional Budget Office , 5/14/13)
  • 23% Of Doctors In Virginia Said They Would Stop Accepting Medicare Patients If ObamaCare's Medicare Cuts Go Into Effect. "If Medicare fees decrease by ten percent or more-as the Affordable Care Act will require-28 percent of doctors in the Old Dominion say that they will place "new or additional limits" on accepting Medicare patients. 23 percent say they'll stop accepting Medicare patients altogether." (Avik Roy, "In Virginia, Obamacare to Cause 23% of Doctors to Stop Accepting Medicare Patients," Forbes , 10/30/12)

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