Meet Jack Hatch: Just Another Obama Yes Man

- June 4, 2014


Iowa State Senator Jack Hatch Was Appointed By Obama's Staff To Lobby Congress On National Health Care Reform. "The other group, headed by Sen. Jack Hatch, D-Des Moines, was appointed by Obama's staff. It is lobbying Congress in support of what it says would be historic legislation providing health care coverage for every American. … Because Senate Democrats, who are pushing health care reform, no longer hold a 60-seat supermajority, Hatch's group will need to work even harder for reform, he said." (Jason Clayworth, "2 Iowans Help Push Health Debate," The Des Moines Register, 1/25/10)

Hatch Hailed The Passage Of ObamaCare A "Historic, Step Forward For Families In Iowa." '"The passage of federal health care reform is an historic step forward for families in Iowa,' said Hatch, 'I am proud to stand with the more than 1,000 other state legislators from around our great nation who worked together over the past year to support health care reform. State legislators have long been on the front lines of the battle for better, more accessible and more affordable health care for their constituents, and their leadership was critical to making this victory for American families possible.'" (Iowa Senate Democrats, "Hatch Applauds Historic Passage Of Health Care Reform, Says Iowa Families Will Benefit," Press Release , 3/21/10)

  • Hatch: "Really Proud Over The Past Two Years To See The Effects Of The Affordable Care Act." "I along with many of my colleagues in Iowa have been really proud over the past two years to see the effects of the Affordable Care Act and what it has impacted the children and families of the state." (Know Your Care IA's YouTube Channel, 3/21/12)
  • Hatch: "One Of The Greatest Legislative Accomplishments Of Our Lifetime." "The security that our families now have because of this bill is undeniably one of the greatest legislative accomplishments of our lifetime." (Know Your Care IA's YouTube Channel, 3/21/12)

Due To ObamaCare, Iowans Now Face Triple-Digit Premium Increases While Employer Coverage Rates May Double

In Iowa, "Rates Are Expected To Rise 100 Percent" On The ObamaCare Exchange While Employer Sponsored Coverage Rates Are Set To Double. "In Iowa, which hosts the first presidential caucus in the nation and has a competitive Senate race this year, rates are expected to rise 100 percent on the exchange and by double digits on the larger, employer-based market, according to a recent article in the Business Record." (Elise Viebeck, "O-Care Premiums About To Skyrocket," The Hill's Health Watch , 3/19/14)

For An Iowa Pastor Diagnosed With Cancer, ObamaCare's $850 A Month Premium Is Unaffordable. "So Angran signed up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchange. But with premiums of $850 per month, Angran says it isn't affordable either, and he can't get the treatment he needs until he has the right insurance. 'I'm struggling here with stage three cancer and they're sending me to the financial person to find out how are you going to pay for this?' Angran says." (Aaron Brilbeck, "ACA Concerns: Affordable Care Act 'Not Affordable,'" WHOTV, 3/18/14)

  • For The Pastor, ObamaCare In Iowa Is "Anything But Affordable." "With just two weeks before all Americans must have a form of medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act, one local pastor says it's anything but affordable." (Aaron Brilbeck, "ACA Concerns: Affordable Care Act 'Not Affordable,'" WHOTV, 3/18/14)

And Projections Have Found That ObamaCare Could Cost Iowa Jobs

CBO: ObamaCare Will Reduce The Number Of Full-Time Equivalent Workers By Roughly 2.5 Million People Through 2024. "CBO's updated estimate of the decrease in hours worked translates to a reduction in full-time-equivalent employment of 2.0 million in 2017, rising to about 2.5 million in 2024, compared with what would have occurred in the absence of the ACA." ("The Budget And Economic Outlook: 2014 To 2024," Congressional Budget Office, 2/4/14)


Hatch Founded Hatch Development Group And Has "Designed, Built, And Manages Eight Housing Communities." "Together with his wife Sonja, Jack founded Hatch Development Group, a company that builds affordable housing in often-ignored neighborhoods. Working with neighborhood leaders, city and county officials, lenders and investors, Jack designed, built, and manages eight housing communities." (Hatch For Governor,, Accessed 6/2/14)

Hatch Said Obama's Stimulus Was "The Key To The Opening Days Of Obama's Presidency." "Hatch and other liberal activists held a news conference to mark Obama's 100th day as president. They argued the economic stimulus plan has been the key to the opening days of Obama's presidency. Even with the federal help, Iowa lawmakers were forced to make significant cuts, but Hatch said it could have been much worse. 'We avoided a devastating impact on social services in this state,' he said." (Mike Glover, "Iowa Activists Laud Obama On 100th Day," The Associated Press, 4/30/09)

  • Hatch Lavished Praise On Obama's Stimulus, Despite His Recognition That Iowa Would "Have A Big Problem Next Year." "Even those supporters acknowledged, however, that the federal money was a temporary crutch that could create later budget headaches. 'The stimulus package helped maintain that stability,' said Sen. Jack Hatch, D-Des Moines. 'We know this is one-time, for 27 months, and we are going to have a big problem next year.'" (Mike Glover, "Iowa Activists Laud Obama On 100th Day," The Associated Press, 4/30/09)

In 2013, CBO Said Obama's Stimulus Cost $830 Billion - $43 Billion More Than Anticipated. "When ARRA was being considered, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation estimated that it would increase budget deficits by $787 Billion between fiscal years 2009 and 2019. CBO now estimates that the total impact over the 2009-2019 period will amount to about $830 Billion." ("Estimated Impact Of the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act On Employment And Economic Output From October 2012 Through December 2012," Congressional Budget Office, 2/21/13)

Hatch's Housing Projects Significantly Benefited From Federal Stimulus Dollars

Iowa Received $72 Million From The Stimulus For Affordable Housing Projects. "Iowans hard-hit by the recession and natural disasters last year should see an infusion of affordable housing - and new jobs - with $72 million from the federal stimulus package. The money should push forward about 50 affordable housing projects that have been on hold since the collapse of the tax credit investor market last year, state leaders said Thursday." (Donnelle Eller, "U.S. Money To Revive Affordable Housing In Iowa," The Des Moines Register, 6/5/09)

Eight Months After Iowa Received Stimulus Funding, Hatch Broke Ground On The Brickstone Apartments, An 18 Unit Housing Project In Des Moines. "Jack Hatch's MLK Brickstone apartments at 1039 19th St. will be built by the end of the year. Developer Jack Hatch broke ground Tuesday for an 18 unit, three-story apartment house that will be located just north of Interstate 235 at 1039 19th St. Hatch Development's 20,600 square-foot MLK Brickstone project is modeled after the 56-unit Woodland Avenue Brickstone that the company built in 2003." (David Elbert, "Jack Hatch To Build 18-Unit 'Brickstone' Apartments," The Des Moines Register , 5/4/10)

  • Hatch Said Some Of The $3.4 Million Needed To Build The Brickstone Project Was From Stimulus Funds. "The new Des Moines project will cost about $3.4 million to build. Like the two other Brickstone projects, financing includes a combination public and private money. In this case, some of the money will come from federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Hatch said." (David Elbert, "Jack Hatch To Build 18-Unit 'Brickstone' Apartments," The Des Moines Register , 5/4/10)

Hatch's $19 Million Housing Development, Oakhill Jackson Brickstones, Received $9.1 Million In Stimulus Funds. "The first of the two buildings - called the Oakhill Jackson Brickstones - in the $19 million project should be open for occupants in 16 months, developer Jack Hatch, principal of Hatch Development Group in Des Moines, told a groundbreaking gathering at the site of one of the buildings, Sixth Street and 12th Avenue SE. The other apartment building will go up after the first, down the street at Sixth Street and Ninth Avenue SE. The project - 52 apartments in one building, 45 in the other - is being funded in large part by a combination of federal funds. That includes $10 million in low-income housing tax credits and another $9.1 million in federal stimulus funds." (Rick Smith, '"Work Force Housing' In Works," The Gazette, 12/17/09)


Hatch Campaign Manager Grant Woodard: "We're Committed To Running A Very Open And Transparent Campaign And Also The Most Open And Transparent Government The State Of Iowa Has Ever Seen." (Jason Noble, "Candidate For Governor Jack Hatch Releases Tax Return," The Des Moines Register , 5/9/14)

  • Hatch: "'Iowans Want Answers And They Want Their Chief Executive To Be Able To Give Them Answers." "'Iowans want answers and they want their chief executive to be able to give them answers-good or bad,' said Hatch. 'They want to be able to get a chief executive who will talk straight with them, and this governor's not doing that.'" ("Iowa Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Hatch Speaks On Governor Branstad's Payments To Dismissed State Employees," KTVO, 5/31/14)

Yet Hatch Refuses To Release His Tax Returns From The Previous Five Years

Hatch Released His 2013 Income Tax Returns On The Federal Filing Deadline . "Jack Hatch had a good year in 2013. The Democratic candidate for governor reported income totaling $468,591 on his federal income tax return, a copy of which he provided to reporters on Tuesday, the federal filing deadline." (Jason Noble, "Candidate For Governor Jack Hatch Releases Tax Return," The Des Moines Register , 5/9/14)

Gov. Branstad Has Challenged Hatch To Release His Returns Dating Back To 2010. "In a statement, Branstad's reelection campaign challenged Hatch to release his last five years in tax returns, to match the returns Branstad has released year-by-year since declaring running for governor in 2010." (Jason Noble, "Candidate For Governor Jack Hatch Releases Tax Return," The Des Moines Registe r , 5/9/14)

  • A Hatch Spokesman Said They Would Not Release Returns From Earlier Than 2013. "A campaign aide replied that Hatch would match the precedent set by the governor by releasing the return from the year prior to the election - in Hatch's case, his 2013 return - and subsequent returns should he be elected. He will not release tax returns from earlier than 2013." (Jason Noble, "Candidate For Governor Jack Hatch Releases Tax Return," The Des Moines Register , 5/9/14)

Hatch's Staff Claimed To Be Open To Releasing Earlier Returns, Only To Switch Positions Hours Later . "During Hatch's briefing on Tuesday, when his 2013 return was shown to reporters, campaign staff said they were open to releasing earlier returns. In a statement a few hours later, though, they said the campaign would mirror the practices of Branstad, who released his 2009 tax return during the 2010 campaign and has continued to release returns while holding office." (Jason Noble, "Branstad Reports Earnings Of Nearly $235,000," The Des Moines Registe r , 4/16/14)

After Refusing To Release Previous Years Tax Returns, Hatch's Campaign Said "The Public Deserves To Know About How Jack's Made His Money." "' The public deserves to know about how Jack's made his money and what his business interests have been over the years,' [Hatch] campaign manager Grant Woodard said." (Jason Noble, "Candidate For Governor Jack Hatch Releases Tax Return," The Des Moines Register , 5/9/14)

FLASHBACK: Obama Promised The "Most Transparent Administration In History," But Failed To Deliver

Obama: "This Is The Most Transparent Administration In History." "President Obama on Thursday hailed his administration for its transparency. 'This is the most transparent administration in history,' Obama said during a Google Plus 'Fireside' Hangout." (Jonathan Easley, "Obama Says His Is 'Most Transparent Administration' Ever," The Hill, 2/14/13)

In The Obama Administration, The Media Is "Still Fighting For Access: Photographers Rarely Get Candid Shots Of President Obama, While Reporters Vie For Coveted Interviews With Him Or Simply For On-The-Record Quotes From Administration Officials Addicted To Anonymity." "The White House Correspondents' Association began as a response to Woodrow Wilson's threat to end presidential press conferences. A century later, White House reporters no longer have to line up outside the fence each morning to shout their questions, but they're still fighting for access: Photographers rarely get candid shots of President Obama, while reporters vie for coveted interviews with him or simply for on-the-record quotes from administration officials addicted to anonymity." ("The White House Beat, Uncovered," Politico Magazine, May/June 2014)

Former NYT Editor Jill Abramson: Obama Administration "The Most Secretive" She's Ever Covered. "New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson says that President Obama's White House is the 'most secretive white house' that she's covered during her long tenure as a political journalist." (Dylan Byers, "Jill Abramson: 'This Is The Most Secretive White House I Have Ever Dealt With,'" Politico, 1/23/14)

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