MEMO: Latino Voice or Democrat Front Group?

Ali Pardo - May 13, 2014


FROM:        Izzy Santa, RNC Hispanic Communications Director

TO:               The Latino Victory Project

                        Eva Longoria, Founder

                        Henry Muñoz III, DNC Finance Chair and Founder

                        Cristóbal Joshua Alex, President

RE:               Latino Voice or Democrat Front Group?

As was said at the launch of the Latino Victory Project, “We want the political landscape to match the identities and reflect the reality of America’s people.” Indeed, it is imperative that we recruit, train and build the next generation of leaders to represent all communities.

A nonpartisan organization dedicated to giving Latinos a greater voice in politics by supporting Latino candidates is a worthy cause. However, I fear that’s not what the Latino Victory Project is. I’m not convinced you are being truthful about your intentions. To begin with, you were co-founded by the DNC Finance Chair and a former Obama campaign co-chair. Your president is a former staffer for liberal mega-donor George Soros.

But even if I gave you the benefit of the doubt, my suspicions were confirmed by your recent media appearances.

Henry, when you appeared on MSNBC to discuss the Latino Victory Project, you did so in front of a Democratic National Committee backdrop. Yes, you are the DNC’s Finance Chair, but you couldn’t set aside the partisanship to promote a “non-partisan” organization?

Then, Eva, when Jorge Ramos interviewed you, you named off a number of Latino candidates the group would support and Latino officials who are having an impact in politics. You failed to name a single Republican. You didn’t highlight the leadership of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are two of only three Hispanic U.S. Senators. Nor did you mention either of the nation’s Latino governors—Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Susana Martinez of New Mexico—both of whom are Republicans. The list goes on.

In other words, the Latino Victory Project is looking like a partisan organization run by and for Democrats. It’s acting like a front group for the Democratic National Committee, which has been unable to raise sufficient funds to get rid of their debt and compete in this year’s midterm.

Am I wrong? I hope I am, and I hope you prove me wrong. It won’t be hard: in future interviews spotlight the accomplishments of Republican Latinos; display them prominently on your website; and answer a simple question: which Latino Republicans will you be supporting in the midterms?

If you can’t answer that question, just be honest and tell the rest of the country your priority isn’t Latinos; your priority is the Democratic Party.

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