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MEMO: RNC ObamaCare Awareness Campaign and

- September 5, 2013

FROM: RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields
TO: Interested Parties
RE: RNC ObamaCare Awareness Campaign and

This week the RNC launched an awareness campaign on the costs of ObamaCare—and along with it a new website,
October 1 is a major ObamaCare implementation milestone, and for the next month the RNC will be driving home the truth about the law: ObamaCare costs Americans greatly, and the scope of the problem is greater than many imagine.
Drawing from local news reports, the website spotlights how ObamaCare is costing us: it’s killing jobs, hurting our economy, raising premiums, and limiting healthcare access.
These aren’t abstractions. Each and every day, Americans wake up to new headlines about how ObamaCare has hurt the very people we were told it would help, and the RNC has been documenting them all. lets users find out what’s happening in their states. It will be regularly updated with the latest news about the train wreck of implementation and feature videos telling Americans’ stories of how ObamaCare cost them. And anyone can join the conversation on Twitter using #ObamaCosts.
In addition, the RNC will release weekly videos of real news stories that discuss the costs of ObamaCare to Americans around the country. This week’s video, “ObamaCare Costs: Colorado,” highlights the difficult choice facing Coloradans: going into debt or paying a fine in order to comply with ObamaCare.
The RNC has also launched a petition to let voters make their voices heard, and throughout the month, the RNC will continue spotlighting local news stories about ObamaCare costs and promote the campaign through surrogate and media affairs operations.
Why is the RNC doing this? Because Democrats must be held accountable for the mess they’ve created, especially those who are on the ballot in 2014. Democrats—and Democrats alone—bear responsibility for the disastrous effects of ObamaCare. In effect, they voted for slashed paychecks, reduced hours, and higher premiums. Their votes slowed small business expansion, forced working parents to look for second jobs, kicked employees off their preferred plans, and made full-time jobs harder to find.
But they didn’t do what they promised: to make healthcare affordable. Before ObamaCare was law, cost was Americans’ number one healthcare-related concern, according to 2009 polling from Gallup. Four years later, that concern has gone unaddressed. ObamaCare didn’t fix the problem.
Under Obama, the average cost of premiums for a typical family has already increased by $3,671. And there’s no end in sight, as states around the country warn of higher premiums once ObamaCare is fully implemented.
In Georgia, some insurance plans could have rates that nearly triple. And in Indiana, premiums are set to increase by close to 75%.
In states like Colorado, young adults could be forced to pay 140% more than plans currently available for sale.
At campuses across the country, student workers are seeing their hours cut as colleges and universities comply with ObamaCare’s regulations. As a result, their paychecks are shrinking and the cost of college is becoming an even greater burden. At Central Michigan University, for example, students will be forbidden from working more than 25 hours a week at on-campus jobs.
The basic promise of the “Affordable Care Act” was that healthcare costs would go down. But for most Americans, that’s not true. ObamaCare was sold on a lie.
Even as they watch the stream of bad news, Democrats up for reelection in 2014 have doubled down on their support for the law. Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas called it an “amazing success story.” Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina says it has “a lot of positives.”
They’re out of touch with their constituents—and Republicans aren’t going to wait until next year to make that case.

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