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MEMO: Running On ObamaCare?

- November 21, 2013


FROM: RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer (@SeanSpicer)
TO: Interested Parties
RE: Running On ObamaCare?

Last week, the Democratic National Committee sent out a memo insisting they were “eager and proud” to run on ObamaCare in 2014. At the Republican National Committee, we were glad to hear that. We intend to make ObamaCare a central issue in 2014.

So we invited Democrats running for the House and Senate to a press conference at the RNC today. We’re so “eager” for them to run on ObamaCare that we wanted to give individual candidates the chance to publicly embrace the law. We even had an “Eager and Proud to Run on ObamaCare” banner and purchased domain names like “”

No Democrat showed up.

The point: while the DNC and Nancy Pelosi put on a happy face about ObamaCare, candidates who actually have to win elections are running scared. They should be. They voted for ObamaCare, which only 31 percent of Americans now support.

These Democrats knew “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” was a lie. But now they’re trying to cover their tracks—pretending they’re not to blame for canceled plans and higher premiums.

They’re 100% to blame. They enabled this disaster.

In the Senate, Mary Landrieu recently sponsored legislation to make the president keep his “if you like your plan…” promise. Kay Hagan and Mark Pryor scurried to add their names to the legislation. Even Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon is getting nervous and opposed President Obama to support the Landrieu bill.

These Senators were trying to dupe voters into thinking they wanted to solve a problem they willingly created. No one’s buying it.

According to a recent ABC poll, “The health care law looks most politically hazardous in the states that backed Mitt Romney in 2012; there Americans by 3-1, 46-15 percent, say they’re more inclined to oppose than to support a candidate who favors the law.” That means ObamaCare is extra-toxic for Democrats running for Senate in the closely-watched states of Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Dakota, among others.

And don’t forget: residents in all of those states have to use to purchase health insurance.The malfunctioning website, though only a part of ObamaCare, is a manifestation of Democrats’ incompetent leadership.

In the House, Democrats are also running from ObamaCare. Just last week 39 House Democrats broke ranks to support a Republican measure to allow Americans to keep their existing insurance plans—a bill President Obama promised to veto.

All of them surely remember what happened in the last midterm election when ObamaCare was front and center. Republicans picked up 69 House and Senate Seats. Speaker Pelosi became Minority Leader Pelosi.

Democrats insist 2014 is different. They’re right, but not for the reasons they think. 2014 will be different because Americans are feeling the real impact of ObamaCare in their day-to-day lives. Millions of Americans are losing the health care plans they were promised they could keep, while others are seeing premiums go up. They’ll be ready to hold someone accountable.

Unlike other events that make headlines for a few days or weeks, ObamaCare isn’t going away. As implementation continues, it’s only going to get worse. More Americans will experience sticker shock. More Americans will realize they can no longer see their preferred doctors. And more Americans will realize that Democrats knew this would happen all along. It was their plan from the beginning.

ObamaCare is a losing issue for Democrats because it’s proving to be a disastrous policy for the country. So while the candidates are running away from it, I can’t wait for the DNC to keep their word and ensure Democrats run on ObamaCare.


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