Memo: Super Saturday and Republican Enthusiasm

RNC Communications - August 3, 2012


FROM: RNC Political Director Rick Wiley
TO: Interested Parties
RE: Super Saturday and Republican Enthusiasm

This weekend, volunteers across the country will take to the streets and phones for the second Romney/RNC Victory Super Saturday. This grassroots get-out-the-vote effort will add to the growing momentum on the Republican side and allow us to continue directly contacting voters at an unprecedented rate.

Our Super Saturday tomorrow will include the 10 millionth volunteer voter contact of the election cycle. Considering we are only in the first week of August, it is safe to say the grassroots efforts of Romney/RNC Victory will be the best run program the Republican Party has ever seen.

Super Saturday also allows us to test run our full operation before the fall. Thanks to the technology at our disposal, we are able to analyze our performance in real time and make adjustments to our operation faster than ever before. This keeps us nimble and responsive to the realities on the ground. Most importantly, it ensures we are allocating resources in the most effective way possible.

Republicans are enthusiastic and rallying behind Mitt Romney. In contrast, Democrats are showing increasing signs of apathy. Last week, a Gallup/USA Today poll revealed only 39 percent of Democrat voters are "more enthusiastic" than usual about voting. That's down from 61 percent in the summer of 2008. Among Republicans, however, enthusiasm is higher. Fifty-one percent are "more enthusiastic"--up 16 points from 2008.

The polling further reveals the enthusiasm gap is growing. In February, Republicans had an 8 point advantage. Today, that advantage has grown to 12 points. Again, the momentum is on our side.

This enthusiasm gap, which can also be interpreted as a reflection of how much voters have soured on the failed policies of President Obama, is critical. The effectiveness of our ground game depends on the dedication of our grassroots volunteers. The more excited they are about taking America in a new, more prosperous direction, the more time they will spend fighting for our cause.

What's more, enthusiasm helps determine Election Day turnout. As Gallup notes, "Republicans' greater enthusiasm about voting is a troubling sign for the Obama campaign, especially given the fact that registered voters are essentially tied in their presidential voting preferences and that Republicans historically vote at higher rates than Democrats do."

But our work is not done. Our more than 600 staff in over 250 battleground Victory offices are working around the clock to make sure we get voters to the polls and that every Republican, independent, and disaffected Democrat hears our message.

Have a great weekend--and a Super Saturday. 


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