RNC Communications - June 22, 2012

Boston, MA – Building on the recent launch of his “Juntos con Romney” National Steering Committee, Governor Mitt Romney today announced “Juntos con Romney” leadership teams in 15 states, as well as three additional members of his national steering committee.

“I am honored and humbled by the overwhelming support our campaign has received from Hispanics across the country,” said Mitt Romney. “These state leadership teams will play a key role in making sure Hispanic voters know that they have an alternative come November. The Hispanic community has felt first-hand the devastating effects of President Obama’s failed economic policies and broken immigration promises. Hispanic voters should know that I will work long and hard to earn their trust and vote. And, when I am elected president, I intend to keep all the promises I have made to them.”

“Our country needs a new direction,” said Adriana Fralick. “President Obama has had nearly four years to fix the economy, but his liberal policies have failed to help middle class families who are struggling to make their mortgage payments, put gas in their cars, and send their children to college. Mitt Romney spent his life in the private sector and knows what it takes to free our country’s entrepreneurial spirit. We stand with Mitt Romney because we believe in his pro-growth agenda that will create more jobs and foster prosperity for all Americans.”

“President Obama has let down our Hispanic community. Instead of spurring economic growth and job creation, his policies have held back Hispanic small businesses and led to higher unemployment,” said Victor Cabral. “We stand with Mitt Romney because he will empower Hispanic entrepreneurs.” 

“We had high hopes for President Obama, but he did not meet his campaign promises on immigration reform. We need long-term solutions that will reunite Hispanic families; the last thing we need is last-minute, politically-motivated, and temporary measures from a President who has not delivered for our community,” said Christine Mastin.

“With Hispanic unemployment now soaring to 11 percent, it is clear President Obama’s policies have particularly hurt the Hispanic community,” said New Mexico Lt. Gov. John Sanchez. “In fact, President Obama recently said ‘the private sector is doing fine,’ demonstrating that he does not understand how to get the country back to work. Unlike President Obama, Governor Romney has a proven record of success in the private sector, giving him the knowledge and tools to foster job creation and lasting prosperity in our communities.”

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