New Report On Terry McAuliffe’s Green Tech Debacle

- June 18, 2013


Yesterday, WMC-TV In Memphis Aired A Devastating Report On Terry McAuliffe And GreenTech's Continued Failure To Create Jobs At GreenTech's Mississippi Facility.

WMC-TV, On GreenTech: "One Year Later And The Party Is Over, People Want To Know Where The Jobs Are." "One year later and the party is over, people want to know where the jobs are. Terry McAuliffe is no longer with the company. He is now running for Governor of Virginia. Now model cars are gone from outside of the plant. The only evidence Action News 5 investigators found of any electric car production were a couple of cars whizzing around the parking lot after our crew started filming." (Michael Clark, "Greentech Automotive Must Create 350 Jobs," WMC-TV, 6/17/13)

Terry McAuliffe Promised Big With Greentech…

July 2010, McAuliffe Says GreenTech's Goal Is 4,000 Workers In Mississippi, Tennessee, & Virginia. "McAuliffe says the company, based in Northern Virginia, is committed to developing vehicles that are energy-efficient, affordable, and built in the United States. The business plan is to hire more than 4,000 workers in Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia." (Mar Weiner, "Schumer: Drink NY Wine But Don't Drive Drunk," The Post Standard, 7/11/10)

Terry McAuliffe Went On TV And Boasted That Greentech Would Have 1,000 Employees In Mississippi "By Next Year" In July of 2012. "My business down in Mississippi, with the help of the governor, we're going to have 1,000 employees by next year. We're a small business. We're growing. We want to be a big business, but we're working together in a bipartisan way." ("The Situation Room," CNN, 7/9/12)

Mississippi Taxpayers Loaned GreenTech $5 Million Based On Its Rosy Jobs Promises. "To this end, Mr. McAuliffe got out the political Rolodex and went on the money hunt. By October 2009, GreenTech announced it would build a plant in Tunica, Miss., after the state (under Republican then-Gov. Haley Barbour) promised at least $5 million in public loans and grants to aid the company moving in. (Kimberly A Strassel, "Terry McAuliffe's Solyndra," The Wall Street Journal, 4/11/13)

...But He's Failed To Deliver

One Year Later, McAuliffe Says Greentech Has 100 Jobs In Mississippi. NOBLES: "Well let, let me get into that then because I think that's part of where some of your critics have attacked and this is what I want you to respond to because it's not so much necessarily that GreenTech isn't - they are obviously still in business. They're obviously making some degree of progress, but that progress is much different than the expectations that you yourself set. At one point you said that there were going to be 900 jobs in Mississippi by the end of 2012 and there may be 50 to 75 employees in that area." McAuliffe: "I think 100, but ok." ("NBC12 Decision Virginia McAuliffe On GreenTech,", 4/30/13, 4:22)

  • April 2013: "Marianne McInerney, a GreenTech Vice President, Said The Company Employs About 10 Employees In McLean And 78 In Mississippi." (Frederick Kunkle, "Car Company Founded By McAuliffe Files $85 Million Suit Over Web Site Articles," The Washington Post , 4/12/13)

Recent Progress On GreenTech's Second Plant Has Been Limited To Mowing The Grass Around The Empty Lot. "REPORTER: Here's that $60 million investment. We went by in April and found overgrown grass surrounding the gravel lot. Today, at least the grass has been mowed. Greentech had hoped to finish the facility here by the end of this year. Now McEnery says they're shooting for early 2014. ( WMC-TV, 6/17/13)

  • McAuliffe In July Of 2012: "We've Also Started Construction On A New $60 Million Plant In Tunica Mississippi That The Bulldozers Are Moving On Today." (WMC-TV, 6/17/13)

Maybe That's Why He Slinked Away From GreenTech And Hoped No One Would Notice

McAuliffe "Quietly" Resigned As GreenTech's Chairman "Sometime Before Dec. 1", 2012. "Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe quietly resigned late last year from the electric car company he founded, the company confirmed Friday. McAuliffe stepped down as GreenTech Automotive Inc.'s chairman sometime before Dec. 1, which is the date of a letter from GreenTech's chief executive, Charles Wang, accepting McAuliffe's resignation. (Fredrick Kunkle, "Mcauliffe Quietly Resigned Last Year From Electric Car Firm He Founded," The Washington Post, 4/5/13)

Numerous Uncorrected Media Reports Have Referred To McAuliffe As GreenTech Chairman After He Resigned. "Numerous media reports - including in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Associated Press - have referred to McAuliffe as chairman since he resigned the post." (Ben Pershing, "Republicans Say Greentech Resignation Hurts Mcauliffe Campaign Message," The Washington Post, 4/9/13)

  • "Asked Why The Campaign Had Not Sought To Correct Those Stories, [McAuliffe Campaign Spokesperson] Did Not Directly Address The Question." (Ben Pershing, "Republicans say GreenTech resignation hurts McAuliffe campaign message," The Washington Post, 4/9/13)

"The Campaign Also Never Mentioned McAuliffe Leaving Even As He Traveled The State Using GreenTech As An Example Of His Ability To Create Jobs." "The Democratic Candidate for Governor is taking some criticism for the way he left his former company to campaign. Terry McAuliffe quietly gave up his position as chairman of GreenTech Automotive in December but he never officially announced he was stepping down. The campaign also never mentioned McAuliffe leaving even as he traveled the state using GreenTech as an example of his ability to create jobs. Since then, news organizations have scrutinized GreenTech's efforts to start making new models of electric cars in Mississippi instead of Virginia." (Hollani Davis, WDBJ, 4/4/13)

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