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MEMO: Hillary Clinton Week 1 – Wag the Dog Edition

RNC Communications - April 17, 2015

As Week One of the official Clinton campaign comes to a close, what have we learned? Continue Reading »

RNC Raised $11.2M in March

RNC Communications - April 16, 2015

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus has announced that the RNC raised $11.2 million in March. The RNC ended March with $10.3 million cash on hand. Continue Reading »

RNC Statement on Tax Day

RNC Communications - April 15, 2015

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on Tax Day. Continue Reading »

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Clinton's Trade Triangulation Part II

RNC Communications- April 17, 2015

Clinton's Spokesman, Nick Merrill, Said In A Statement Today That "Any New Trade Measure Has To Pass Two Tests" And That The U.S. Should Be Prepared To "Walk Away" From The Proposed Trans Pacific Partnership. "'Hillary Clinton believes that any new trade measure has to pass two tests," her spokesman, Nick Merrill, said in a statement. "First, it should put us in a position to protect American workers, raise wages and create more good jobs at home. Second, it must also strengthen our national security. We should be willing to walk away from any outcome that falls short of these tests. The goal is greater prosperity and security for American families, not trade for trade's sake.'" (Jonathan Weisman, "Stopping Short Of Rejecting, Clinton Sets Conditions For A Trade Deal," The New York Times , 4/17/15) Continue Reading »

Obama Undermined By Clinton Negotiated Sanctions

RNC Communications- April 17, 2015

This Week, Russia's Vladimir Putin Approved The Sale Of Russia's "Sophisticated S-300 Surface-To-Air Missile System" To Iran. "Russia lifted a ban on sending Iran its sophisticated S-300 surface-to-air missile system, officials said Monday. The weapons could be shipped shortly, giving Tehran a new way to defend itself against any future bombing campaign." (Dan Lamothe, "Examining The Power Russia's S-300 Missile System Will Give Iran," The Washington Post , 4/13/15) Today, Obama Said He Was "Frankly Surprised" It Took So Long For Russia To Sell Iran S-300 Long Range Missile Because "They Were Not Prohibited By Sanctions From Selling These Defensive Weapons." OBAMA: "And with respect to the Russian sales I will tell you this is actually a sale that was slated to happen in 2009, when I first met with, then-Prime Minister Putin. They actually stopped the sale, paused or suspended the sale, at our request. And I'm frankly surprised that it held this long. Given that they were not prohibited by sanctions from selling these defensive weapons. When I say I'm not surprised given some of the deterioration in the relationship between Russia and the United States, and the fact that their economy is under strain and this was a substantial sale." (Barack Obama, Press Conference, Washington, D.C., 4/17/15) Continue Reading »

Clinton's Tall Tales

RNC Communications- April 17, 2015

Clinton Is "Haunted By Memories" Of Experiences That Are "Sincerely Remembered But Actually Fictional." "Yet, these are her wilderness months. She received a mere $14 million as a book advance. And she remains haunted by memories of coming 'out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt,' a memory in the same category of her undergoing sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996, which is to say sincerely remembered but actually fictional." (Roger Simon, "Hillary Should Stop Dithering," Politico, 12/3/14) Continue Reading »

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