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ICYMI: Clinton Panders To Middle-Class Voters With Unrealistic Tax Promises

RNC Communications - November 29, 2015

“If there is a social or economic need, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has a tax credit to match… Continue Reading »

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day Thanksgiving Message

RNC Communications - November 25, 2015

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chair Sharon Day released the following message celebrating Thanksgiving: Continue Reading »

RNC Releases New Video: 'Can Leaders Like These Keep Us Safe?'

RNC Communications - November 23, 2015

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new web video entitled ‘Can Leaders Like These Keep Us Safe?' highlighting the Democrats’ fundamental inability to understand the threat of ISIS. Continue Reading »

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A Trillion And Counting

RNC Communications- November 29, 2015

Today, Clinton Is Expected To Propose $350 Billion In New Spending To Fund Her Infrastructure Plan . "Hillary Clinton will use the month of December to focus on her jobs agenda, according to campaign aides, staring with her rally here on Sunday, where the 2016 candidate will roll out details of her infrastructure plan. Clinton's plan -- which aides said would be the 'most significant investment in her agenda' and cost $350 billion -- will consist of a national infrastructure bank, which will put up federal dollars to attract private investment, and more federal spending to 'bankroll upgrades to roads, bridges, airports and public transit.'" (Dan Merica, "Clinton To Pitch Spending $350 Billion On Infrastructure On Sunday," CNN, 11/29/15) Continue Reading »

Happy Small Business Saturday!

RNC Communications- November 25, 2015

Throughout Her Campaign, Clinton Has Claimed She Wants To Be The "Small Business President." " Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton called for regulatory relief for community banks during a campaign stop in Cedar Falls, Iowa, on Tuesday…Vowing to be a 'small business president,' Clinton said she wants to cut regulatory red tape for community banks so that more small businesses can get loans." (Kevin Crilli, "Clinton Wants Relief For Community Banks," The Hill, 05/19/15) Continue Reading »

Morell: Obama Didn't Hit ISIS Oil Targets To Avoid Environmental Damage

RNC Communications- November 25, 2015

Obama's Former CIA Director Morell: Obama Didn't Hit ISIS's Oil Because Of Environmental Damage Continue Reading »

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