Obama Parties with the Stars of Outsourcing

Sean Spicer - August 7, 2012


FROM: RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer |@seanspicer

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RE: Obama Parties with the Stars of Outsourcing

Last night President Obama attended yet another glitzy fundraiser with the Hollywood celebrity elite. It was media mogul and mega-producer Harvey Weinstein's turn to host, and plenty of the glitterati got in on the action.

It would be interesting to hear what some of the president's Hollywood friends have to say about the Obama campaign's attacks and themes of late, specifically on outsourcing and giving American workers a fair shot. That's because it turns out President Obama is hobnobbing with some serial outsourcers--individuals robbing American workers of that fair shot. 

Yesterday, ABC News' Jonathan Karl reported that many Weinstein films supposedly set in the United States were actually filmed outside of our borders, in the United Kingdom, Canada and Italy, among other locales. The movie "Chicago," for example, was largely filmed in Canada. Instead of creating jobs at home and supporting the United States economy, he took his business elsewhere. As Karl writes, it's "outsourcing, pure and simple."

It's not just Harvey. George Clooney, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman are also among those bankrolling the Obama campaign with money earned from outsourced moviemaking.

It may make good business sense for Mr. Weinstein and company, but it doesn't make much sense that President Obama would benefit from the very behavior he excoriates. He is pretending to be an anti-outsourcing crusader, even as his campaign gobbles up money from outsourcing's biggest stars.

All of this is offensive because it's hypocritical. President Obama's supposedly principled stands are not principled at all. His every action is politically calculated. If he stands to benefit from violating his own standards, he will.  He will take money from an outsourcer, and he will even do a little outsourcing himself. Don't forget: his $831 billion stimulus sent taxpayer dollars overseas. 

We've heard that President Obama has taken time to pitch movie ideas directly to Harvey Weinstein in the past. Maybe he should pitch him on the idea of making movies about America in America.  


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