Obama Recycled His Plans For A Teacher Corps, Even Though It Is Already Predicted To “Fall Flat”

- October 4, 2012

At Last Night's Debate, Obama Reiterated His Pledge To "Hire Another Hundred Thousand Math And Science Teachers." OBAMA: "But what I've also said is let's hire another hundred thousand math and science teachers to make sure we maintain our technological lead and our people are skilled and able to succeed." (President Barack Obama, Presidential Debate, Denver, CO, 10/4/12)

Over The Years Obama Has Recycled His Goal To Hire STEM Teachers, But All He Offers Are Failed Plans That Won't Accomplish Anything

2010: Obama Announced A "Goal Of Recruiting 10,000 Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math (STEM) Teachers Over The Next Two Years." "Today, President Barack Obama announced a new goal of recruiting 10,000 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) teachers over the next two years. This announcement will move the country forward on the Obama Administration's ambitious goal of preparing 100,000 STEM teachers over the next decade." (Press Release, "President Obama Announces Goal Of Recruiting 10,000 STEM Teachers Over The Next Two Years," The White House , 9/27/10)

  • Obama: "We Need To Recruit And Train Math And Science Teachers To Support Our Nation's Students." OBAMA: "When I came into office, I set a goal of moving our nation from the middle to the top of the pack in math and science education. Strengthening STEM education is vital to preparing our students to compete in the 21st century economy and we need to recruit and train math and science teachers to support our nation's students." (Press Release, "President Obama Announces Goal Of Recruiting 10,000 STEM Teachers Over The Next Two Years," The White House , 9/27/10)

2010: The President's Council Of Advisors On Science And Technology: "The Federal Government Should Help Recruit, Prepare, And Support At Least 100,000 New STEM Teachers." "The Federal Government should help recruit, prepare, and support at least 100,000 new STEM teachers with these attributes at the middle school and high school levels over the next decade. It also should support the professional development of all teachers to help them achieve deep STEM content knowledge and mastery of STEM pedagogy. And the Federal Government should recognize and reward the best STEM teachers nationwide through the creation of a STEM Master Teachers Corps." ("Prepare And Inspire: K-12 Education In Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math (STEM) For America's Future," The White House, 9/10)

July 2012: The White House Announced A Master Teacher Corps To Increase The Number Of STEM Teachers. "The Obama administration is launching a new teacher initiative designed to retain and train the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teachers. The administration is launching a Master Teacher Corps, composed of top educators in those fields - who will be given an annual stipend on top of their salary. According to the White House, 50 teachers will be chosen across 50 different locations. The plan is to explain the corps over the next four years to add more than 10,000 teachers." (Byron Tau, "White House Launches Teacher Corps," Politico's 44, 7/18/12)

  • The Administration Says It Will Be Funded Through Obama's 2013 Education Budget Request. "According to the administration, funds for the new corps will come from the president's 2013 education budget request that Congress is currently considering."(Byron Tau, "White House Launches Teacher Corps," Politico's 44, 7/18/12)

Due To The High Price Tag, The Plan Is "Likely To Fall Flat Relatively Quickly." "The idea embodies some of the Obama administration's most cherished concepts-pay for performance, competitions among local jurisdictions, and asking Congress for money. The last concept probably won't work. A Republican-led Congress is unlikely to sign off on $1 billion for such a project. That means the competitive and merit pay elements also are likely to fall flat relatively quickly. Even so, the administration is devoting $100 million to the project now, with 35 school districts already lined up to help select 50 winning teachers. President Obama is requesting $1 billion to increase this initial micro-corps to 10,000 teachers." (Fawn Johnson, "Obama's Plan For Teaching Corps Could Fall Flat," National Journal, 7/18/12)

"The House And Senate Both Voted Down Obama's Budget Earlier In The Year, Making It Far From Certain That Obama Will Be Able To Get Congressional Approval To Spend $1 Billion On Master Teachers." "The administration will make $100 million available immediately out of an existing fund to incentivize top-performing teachers. Over the longer term, the White House said it plans to launch the program with $1 billion included in Obama's budget request for fiscal year 2013. But the House and Senate both voted down Obama's budget earlier in the year, making it far from certain that Obama will be able to get congressional approval to spend $1 billion on master teachers." (Josh Lederman, "Master Teacher Corps: Barack Obama Proposes $1 Billion Effort To Boost Students' Achievement In Math Science," The Associated Press, 7/18/12)

"Democrats Tried To Secure Funding For A Similar Program Last Year, But The Proposal Didn't Reach Either The House Or Senate Floors." ("Obama Proposes $1 Billion Math And Science Teaching Corps," NBC News, 7/18/12)

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