ObamaCare: Burdening Women

Sharon Day - October 28, 2013

RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day
October 26, 2013

Remember the long list of promises that accompanied the sales pitch for ObamaCare? “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan”, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and most notably the promise that the “Affordable” Care Act will reduce the cost of premiums for individuals and families? Republicans didn’t buy into those promises then and today we are sadly seeing the reality: sky-rocketing premiums, canceled coverage, and a clear shift to part-time jobs. It’s clear that all Americans are living under the burdens of ObamaCare—but women, particularly healthy young women, may be feeling that burden the most.

This week, the American Action Forum released a study showing that on average, the cost of premiums for women would skyrocket 193% under ObamaCare. That’s a triple digit increase in their healthcare premiums when they were promised their rates wouldn’t drastically increase. The study went on to explain that even with the subsidies, young healthy women are more likely to forego health insurance since the penalty for being uninsured is much cheaper than the premiums in the marketplace. And even if they are able to afford the skyrocketing costs, they may not be able to keep their healthcare plan. We learned that in my home state of Florida, when “Florida Blue” was forced to cancel 300,000 policies – about 80 percent -- of its individual policies in the state. The sad reality is that women are losing their health insurance, paying exponentially more for expensive coverage, fearing that they will lose their doctor or their hours at work.

Only three weeks into the enrollment period, women across the country are already negatively impacted by ObamaCare. That is unacceptable and certainly no future to leave for our daughters and granddaughters.  As a proud mother and a grandmother, I cannot imagine continuing to burden our nation’s women with this train wreck law. It’s time we hold the administration accountable and help future generations, rather than burden them.

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