ObamaCare Gag Order

- October 23, 2013

The Obama Administration Wants Insurers To Keep Quiet On How Many People Have Enrolled - Maybe Because The Numbers Continue To Disappoint

"The Obama Administration Asked North Dakota's" Blue Cross Blue Shield "Not To Publicize How Many People Have Signed Up For Health Insurance" Through The ObamaCare Exchange. "The Obama administration asked North Dakota's largest health insurer not to publicize how many people have signed up for health insurance through a new online exchange, a company official says. During a Monday forum in Fargo for people interested in signing up for coverage via the exchange, James Nichol of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota told the crowd his company received the request from the federal government earlier Monday. Nichol is a consumer sales manager for the company."(Kyle Potter, "Feds Ask Blue Cross Blue Shield Not To Release Exchange Numbers," Forum Of Fargo-Moorhead, 10/22/13)

More States Continue To Post Poor Enrollment Figures

NORTH DAKOTA: Since October 1, North Dakota Has 20 Enrollees In The Federal ObamaCare Exchange. "Still, a spokeswoman from Blue Cross Blue Shield says about 14 North Dakotans have signed up for coverage since the federal exchange went live Oct. 1. That brings total statewide enrollment to 20 - less than one a day." (Kyle Potter, "Feds Ask Blue Cross Blue Shield Not To Release Exchange Numbers," Forum Of Fargo-Moorhead, 10/22/13)

MISSISSIPPI: In Mississippi, Only 35 People Have Enrolled In The ObamaCare Exchange. "Three weeks after the federal health exchange launched, 35 people have enrolled for insurance coverage on Mississippi's online marketplace, Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney said." (Clay Chandler, "In 3 Weeks, Just 35 Enroll In Miss. Insurance Exchange," Clarion Ledger , 10/23/13)

NEW YORK: "In New York, One Of Only 16 States That Has Its Own Exchange, Not One Person Had Succeeded In Using The Site To Enroll In A Plan As Of Friday." (Bill Hammond and Dan Friedman, "White House Deems Health Exchange Glitches 'Unacceptable,' GOP Calls ObamaCare DOA," New York Daily News , 10/21/13)

OREGON: Oregon Has Yet To Have Anyone Enroll For A Private Health Plan Offered On The ObamaCare Exchange. "When it comes to private insurance, spokeswoman Amy Fauver said that it has not yet had any sign-ups. … However, Fauver said that no Oregon health plan has received an enrollment through the marketplace." (Sarah Kliff, "The Other Sided Of ObamaCare's Oregon Success: No One Has Bought Private Insurance," The Washington Post's WonkBlog , 10/18/13)

DELAWARE: Delaware Officials Were "Celebrating" Their First Obamacare Enrollee A Full Two Weeks After The Exchanges Opened. "Delaware officials are celebrating the state's first health insurance exchange enrollee. Department of Health and Social Service officials have declared 59-year-old Janice Baker of Selbyville the first confirmed resident to enroll in the marketplace. It opened Oct. 1 as part of the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act."("Delaware Health Officials Celebrate First Health Exchange Enrollee," The Associated Press, 10/16/13)

ALASKA: In Alaska, Only Seven People Have Successfully Signed Up For ObamaCare In Alaska. "Outreach to sign up Alaska's nearly 140,000 uninsured has been extensive, including efforts by trained healthcare navigators working with the United Way, application counselors stationed at more than a hundred community health centers and partnerships with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. Despite those efforts, by Thursday, outreach officials could only confirm seven Alaskans had signed up for coverage." (Matthew Smith, "Few Alaskans Signing Up For ObamaCare Through Online Health Marketplaces," KTVA 11, 10/18/13)

IOWA: As Few As 22 Iowans Have Signed Up For Insurance In The ObamaCare Exchange. "CoOportunity Health is one of two Iowa carriers selling individual policies statewide on the government's new exchange. A spokeswoman said Monday that it had sold 22 Iowa policies on the exchange. The other major carrier, Coventry, has not commented on whether any Iowa customers have managed to buy its policies that way." (Tony Leys, "Iowan Successfully Buys Insurance After 100 Tries," Des Moines Register , 10/21/13)

SOUTH DAKOTA: Officials Have No Clue How Many People Have Signed Up For ObamaCare. "South Dakota insurance regulators said Tuesday they don't know a lot about the people signing up for health insurance under the new health care law because the federal government runs the online market." ("Answers Elusive On Health Insurance Signups,"The Associated Press, 10/23/13)

  • Last Week, As Few As 23 People Have Signed Up For ObamaCare In South Dakota. "At least 23 people in South Dakota have signed up for health insurance in the first two weeks policies have been offered through an Internet exchange that's part of President Barack Obama's health care law." ("At Least 23 People In South Dakota Sign Up For Obamacare In First 2 Weeks," The Associated Press , 10/18/13)

WISCONSIN: In Wisconsin, Fewer Than 75 People Have Enrolled In The ObamaCare Exchanges. "W-P-S of Madison has had about 20 people enroll in its Arise plan so far. Spokeswoman Ellen Foley says the company is taking phone applications, and will contact those people later. In her words, 'It's just going to take a lot more time than we thought.' Marty Anderson of Security Health Plan in Marshfield said there's been more interest than anticipated, and folks are being patient. Security has had about 55 exchange enrollments in the past three weeks." ("ObamaCare Update: 13 Insurance Companies Have Few Sign-Ups From Wisconsin,"WTAQ, 10/22/13)

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