Obama's Bain Attacks Flop

- July 23, 2012

Despite spending millions on attack ads contributing to a potential burn rate problem in Chicago, it appears the attacks aren’t even working. According to a USA Today poll, voters think Romney’s experience at Bain will help him make good economic decisions.  


Obama's Burn Rate Worries Some Democrats. “The Obama campaign has been spending heavily on payroll, television ads and polling for months, hoping to tarnish Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the eyes of voters at an early stage of the general-election showdown. But some Democrats worry that the overhead built by the Obama camp over the past 15 months will prove impossible to sustain. Unless fundraising picks up, the Obama campaign may enter the season's final stretch confronting hard choices: paring salaries, scaling back advertising or pulling out of swing states in a bid to control costs, these Democrats say. The president spent twice as much as Mr. Romney in June, as his campaign purchased more TV ads, paid more than twice as many employees and spent millions of dollars on public-opinion polls, federal records show.” (Peter Nicholas and Danny Yadron, “Obama's Burn Rate Worries Some Democrats,” Wall Street Journal, 7/23/12) 


USA Today And Gallup Found Voters Believe By A Two-To-One Margin That Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital Background Would Cause Him To Make Good Decisions In Dealing With The Nation’s Economic Problems. “Despite concerted Democratic attacks on his business record, Republican challenger Mitt Romney scores a significant advantage over President Obama when it comes to managing the economy, reducing the federal budget deficit and creating jobs, a national USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds. By more than 2-1, 63%-29%, those surveyed say Romney's background in business, including his tenure at the private equity firm Bain Capital, would cause him to make good decisions, not bad ones, in dealing with the nation's economic problems over the next four years.” (Susan Page, “Poll: Romney Preferred Over Obama To Handle The Economy,” USA Today, 7/23/12)

  • “The Findings Raise Questions About Obama's Strategy Of Targeting Bain's Record…” “The findings raise questions about Obama's strategy of targeting Bain's record in outsourcing jobs and hammering Romney for refusing to commit to releasing more than two years of his tax returns.” (Susan Page, “Poll: Romney Preferred Over Obama To Handle The Economy,” USA Today, 7/23/12)

ABC News’ Michael Falcone: “New polls out today show that the economy, not Romney’s record at Bain Capital or his tax returns, are defining this contest for voters across the country. And, that’s not good for Team Obama.” (Michael Falcone, “Did Mitt Romney Get His Game Changer?,” ABC News, 7/19/12)

CNN’s Gloria Borger On The Bain Attacks: “If you look at the polling, Wolf, to me what's interesting is that so far it hasn't seemed to move the numbers.” (CNN’s “Situation Room,” 7/19/12) 

Boston Herald’s Joe Battenfeld: “The Obama campaign’s attempt to portray Mitt Romney as the villainous Bane from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ appears to be a big flop. And the problem for Obama is, he really doesn’t have a Plan B.” (Joe Battenfeld, “Mitt Romney Hits Stride In Hub, As Obama’s Options Dwindle,” Boston Herald, 7/20/12) 

Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Joshua Green: “But it’s also worth noting that a month of frenzied preoccupation with Bain and taxes doesn’t appear to have had much impact on the race—at least not yet. The head-to-head matchup in the national polls has barely budged. Since June 21, when outsourcing took center stage, Romney’s personal favorability rating has held steady, according to Talking Points Memo’s PollTracker.” (Joshua Green, “A Qualified Defense Of The Romney Campaign,” Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 7/20/12)

NBC News’ Michael O’Brien: “Though Romney has been besieged by millions in negative ads questioning his tenure at Bain Capital and whether he should release more tax returns, the presumptive Republican nominee remains basically even versus the president in polls. The reason? Three new polls suggest that voters' optimism about the state of the economy has slid, making Obama more vulnerable to efforts that seek to turn the campaign into a referendum on his economic management.” (Michael O’Brien, “Polls Suggest The Economy Is Becoming Heavier Burden For Obama,” NBC News, 7/19/12)


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