Obama’s College Affordability Farce

RNC Communications - January 27, 2012

Good morning, the president is set to discuss college affordability and student loans today in Michigan but we’ve heard this all before. See the following comment from the RNC as well as stories from late 2011 – the last time we heard this same rhetoric.

“While focusing on student loans and college affordability is important for our country, the problem is we’ve heard this all before from President Obama. As with so many other important issues, President Obama is really good at making promises and is really bad at following through on them. Trying to jumpstart his reelection campaign, President Obama may think he can fool voters by traveling across the country, repeating the same promises he’s failed to deliver on the past three years.  He should give voters more credit. Americans have had enough of the rhetoric, it’s time for results.” – RNC Spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski

Detroit News:  Student Loan Program A Farce

“That's more money than Americans owe on credit cards, huge numbers are defaulting, and here comes President Barack Obama with a solution. Only it's not. It's a farce.   In full campaign mode while once more neglecting the duties of office, Obama showed up at a Denver high school to outline more of his executive orders that will do absolutely nothing for 29 million of the 36 million paying off these loans, and something on the order of a smidgen for most of the others.” (Jay Ambrose, “Student Loan Program A Farce,” Detroit News, 10/31/2011)

Obama’s Student Loan Program Saves Average Grad Less Than $10 a Month

President Obama seeks to respond to this question with an executive order in the next part of his "We Can't Wait" unilateral stimulus effort. While the president's heart may be in the right place, his effort isn't like to have much impact. (Daniel Indiviglio, “Obama's Student-Loan Order Saves the Average Grad Less Than $10 a Month,” The Atlantic, 10/27/2011)


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